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    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    I would appreciate some advice here even though there are various threads about mounting toms. I am setting up a new kit and don't like the suspension (RIMS-type) tom mounts because they are too heavy and cumbersome. I have looked at no-drill options for mounting toms and see that people like...
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    Modern Ludwig snare barcode identification?

    I just picked up a modern Ludwig snare with keystone badge made in USA and no serial number on the badge. But it has an interior label with a barcode. The number is BDE017252. Does this mean anything to help identify the drum model or year? Thanks DFO!
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    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Flat Ride?

    There's one on Reverb and the pictures look like an Agop 30th flat ride. I searched the web and found close to zero other mentions of such a beast. Does anyone know if this is a production cymbal or could it have been a very small run, or custom? Thanks DFO!
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    FOUND: Tama MXA53 hi hat attachment - PLEASE REMOVE

    Anyone have a Tama MXA53 hi hat gizmo they would sell me? I can buy one new but figured someone might have one in a box somewhere. Here's the Tama link for the exact thing I'm looking for:
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    GONE -- 15" Zildjian Kerope hi hats -- PLEASE MOVE TO SOLD

    I have these 15" Kerope hats in the Swap Shop, but I would sell them outright for $325 including shipping in the 48 states. I haven't played them since I bought them and I'm just looking to get back what I paid. Weights -- Top: 972 grams; Bottom: 1160 grams
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    FT: Istanbul Agop OM 15" hats for Sabian Elite Ride or Zildjian Special Dry 22" Crash or 21" Ride

    I have these gorgeous Agop OM (Cindy Blackman) 15" hats that are the ones shown in the video. Interested in trading for a Sabian Elite 20" or 22" ride, or Zildjian Special Dry 22" crash or 21" ride (new series post-2017)
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    GONE -- Trade Zildjian Kerope 15" hats -- PLEASE REMOVE

    I bought these 15" Kerope hats used and have not played them. I thought I wanted darker hats and it turns out I prefer medium to bright hats. The Paiste ME's should be just the ticket if you have some to trade. The Keropes are dark, sweet, and sloshy. Nice playable weights at 972/1160 grams...
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    Snare drum stand to fit wood hoop snare?

    I just picked up a wood hoop 6 x 14 snare and it is too wide to fit in my snare stand basket, even when the basket is fully opened. Can anyone recommend some snare stands that would fit? If a stand would fit a 15" snare, it would fit this drum. Thanks!
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    Which Goof Off product to remove cymbal duct tape residue?

    I've seen several positive posts about using Goof Off to clean gunk off of cymbals. Goof Off has a bunch of products. Which do you recommend that are effective and don't harm cymbal surfaces? Thanks in advance to DFO!
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    Intermediate (correction: New) stamp K hats on ebay -- why has no one bought them? These look like a great deal to me, but I've never had any old K hats for comparison. Except for a spider crack or two and cosmetic crud, the hats look good. Nice weights even if they aren't...
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    Confused about Istanbul Mehmet and Agop Tony Williams cymbal series

    First off, I know the difference between Mehmet and Agop. No confusion there. I see that Istanbul Mehmet has a Tony Williams signature series. That's also clear. What I'm confused about is that I thought that I saw something about Agop having a Tony Williams series. Is that correct? If not...