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    I have a really nice killer sounding bronze strata kit im letting go, matching serials all original parts ect, 22/16/13/12, 5x14 snare, all new remo heads on all drums..$1300 plus actual shipping, pick up preferred, ct/nyc area . 06770 , no trades
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    Bass reso head without brand logo?

    you need lacquer thinner will come right off
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    Paiste cymbals - would you recommend?

    I love the big beats,,
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    Bass reso head without brand logo?

    lacquer thinner takes off remo logos no problem and safe for the head, smooth that is not coated
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    Ludwig Standard 12 14 20 with matching snare

    thanks mine all have a 72452- and so on number, Im putting them at 71's but not a exact science here..great drums though
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    Ludwig Standard 12 14 20 with matching snare

    those are sweet , yes also the serials would be great, I have a 5 pc bronze strata kit no date stamps im thinking they are 71's...
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    Zildjian K set plus a sabian splash

    id be interested in the 19...
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    set of Paiste giant beats (singles)

    will sell single cymbals or set , pm for price on singles ,excellent cond, 24 ride, 20 multi, 18 thin and 15 hats, prefer pick up 06770 will ship at buyer expense , venmo or paypal no trades...$900
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    Vintage Drum Tuning Tips

    It takes a bit of tuning up , backing off the lugs, tuning back up. Sometimes the traditional tighten all lugs the same does not apply. The sweet spot is there but takes a bit of work to find it since the drums are probably not perfect...
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    tama iron cobra hp900 with case for ludwig atlas pro

    wanna swap, my pedal is like new ungigged
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    Sold. DW 9000 for Tama Speed Cobra Sold

    I have a iron cobra hp900? new cond
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    1960's Ludwig 24 inch bass drum Set: The elusive bass drum size - does anyone here own a set with one?

    I have one...and the matching 13/16 and snare...
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    Ludwig 1971 3 Ply Clear Interior Blue/Olive Badge Drum Set Sky Blue Pearl

    flouresant lights are not your friend, those look mint!
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    yes and not intrested in shipping right now, sorry
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    lots of interest nobody pulled the trigger yet...pick up preferred within 30 minutes of 06770...
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