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  1. snappy

    Steve Vai "ATTITUDE SONG"

    Featuring The Great Chris Frazier on Drums.
  2. snappy

    OT: For $10,000 would you ride this road?

    Conditions: -Truck like theirs -You in the passenger seat -Sober and Aware -Experienced trucker but their first time driving the Camino de la Muerte. Brief Glimpse: The Whole Enchilada:
  3. snappy

    "96 Quite Bitter Beings" CKY

  4. snappy

    THE DOORS (Deep Cut) Friday Five

  5. snappy

    "Anarchy In The UK" S*x Pistols

  6. snappy

    OT: The Best Car Chase In Movie History

    My Dad loved "Bullitt". It is a great one. BUT I vote for this: (don't miss when they go the wrong way on the Long Beach Freeway):
  7. snappy

    JOHN DENVER Friday Five Fer

    These songs go back as far as my memory stretches...
  8. snappy

    MOTLEY CRUE Friday Five Fer

    I remember before the Crue blew up thumbing thru records and stumbling across "Too Fast For Love". Flipped the album over and saw what they looked like and thought, "it looks like these guys rock" and I bought it without ever hearing a note. Got it home and wasn't disappointed...
  9. snappy

    Buy or Sell?

    In your opinion is it wiser to trade dollars for extra gear or extra gear for dollars as of Friday, July 17 2020?
  10. snappy

    "Bastille Day" RUSH

  11. snappy

    OT: Is Shooting Pool Considered A "Sport"?

    A "sport" or an "activity"
  12. snappy

    SYNTAUR: Show About Saving/Restoring Vintage Gear

    I believe you will be both entertained and appreciative of their efforts. I recommend giving it a whirl for at least 60 seconds...
  13. snappy

    "SAVE TONIGHT" Eagle Eye Cherry

  14. snappy

    Your opinion of NICKELBACK

    My almost Non-existent history with them: *I think I have heard maybe three songs -once each- total. I have a buddy who loves them. Because, again, I have practically no familiarity with them I'd like to know why people love to hate them.
  15. snappy

    "Big Yellow Taxi (Pave Paradise)" Joni Mitchell/Counting Crows

    They took all the trees and put 'em in a tree museum. And they charged people a dollar and a half just to see 'em.
  16. snappy

    "TRIUMPH" Deep Cut Friday Five Fer

    Gil Moore: Great drummer, Great singer and Great pyrotechnics/lazer light show man.
  17. snappy

    PIXIES "Here Comes Your Man"

  18. snappy

    SCORPIONS "Lovedrive" Friday 5 fer

    These naughty boys got more than one album cover censored. The brief return of Michael Schenker.
  19. snappy

    Do You Think This a Zildjian "A"?

    I am aware at some point Zildjian put a big "A" on their "A" series BUT Some say the pictured cymbal is an "A" some say it is NOT an "A" but rather this line is simply "Avedis". I have an opinion but have not enclosed it. What say you?