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    Favorite cowbell?

    LP Mambo
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    The stick trading thread

    Have at least a dozen Promark TX5B Wood tip that I can trade for Vic Firth 55A or sell for half retail.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Sabian Quiet-Tone practice cymbals

    I used the Remo Silent Strokes forever, and just switched to these Billy Blast 3 ply. They're a bit louder (but nothing that would scare the neighbors) and the feel is great. Feels like a real drum head. Make sure you scroll down, and get the "3 ply Ballistech 3.0"...
  5. J

    Sabian Quiet-Tone practice cymbals

    I filmed a comparison vid yesterday. I much prefer the Zildjians. A little heavier and sturdier, feel more like real cymbals. The Sabians are like cheese graters, flimsy, and high pitched. To each his own though.