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    Leedy & Ludwig 16x16

    I'd like to find one of these, preferably in Black Diamond Pearl. Thanks!
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    WTB: Rogers Swivomatic Bass Drum Pedal with One Piece footboard

    aka the Buddy Rich version. I have no skills at rebuilding or fixing these up, so I need one that's complete and working great. Thanks.
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    New vs. Vintage Paiste 602 rides for Jazz

    Cats, My apologies if this is a much discussed issue, but I'm interested in hearing from those of you who have played both vintage and new Paiste 602 ride cymbals, particularly in acoustic/improvisational jazz situations. Are the new ones the same animal, better, not as good? Thank you.
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    Drums and cymbals to trade, I'm looking for 4 different snare drums

    I'm looking for these 3 snare drums: Yamaha Elvin Jones model Rogers COB Dynasonic, script logo, 5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 B/O badge or earlier. For trade, I have, currently: 22" Paiste Masters Dark crash/ride, never gigged 20" Paiste Masters Dark crash/ride, never gigged 1960's Zildjian...
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    Please recommend your currently available favorite cymbal bag

    Cats, What's great with backpack/shoulder straps? I've got my eye on Mono, but am curious about what else. Thanks.
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    Sonor Teardrop era 13" hoop

    Please let me know if you've got one to sell. I think my drum is late 60's/early 70's (6 ply). Thanks!
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    Please list any company currently making a 3 ply maple/poplar/maple drum

    I'm only aware of Ludwig Legacy Maple. Any others making this exact layup with the solid maple rering? Thanks.
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    Leg and pedal for 1980's Yamaha tunable floor tom

    I have the drum, but not the pedal/leg....... anyone have one? Thanks, T
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    Wanted to Buy: A Zildjian 20" Swish

    I'm looking for an A Zildjian 20" Swish... 1960's or earlier would be great. Please message if you've got one to sell. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Sonor Phonic Rosewood various sizes

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for the following sized Sonor Phonics in rosewood, rosewood inside and outside would be a plus, thanks! bass drums, either 14x22 or 14x24 rack toms: 9x13, 10x14 floor tom: 16x16, maybe a 16x18 Please let me know what you have, and what bread you're asking, or if...
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    Wanted: WFL 14x24 and 9x13

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a WFL 14x24 bass drum and/or a 9x13 tom. 1957, BDP is a plus, but any finish is fine. In round, no damage would be great. Thanks! T
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    Ludwig Legacy Owners: prices, best places to buy?

    I'm considering taking the plunge but haven't bought a new drumset in ages. This seems about the same as buying a car in terms of price variations and dealerships. Just wondering if there's a baseline and if one dealer does consistently better. Thanks!
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    Ludwig db-750 drum heads are like?

    Just wondering if those of you who have played these heads have an idea about what current heads are most similar. Does Ludwig make anything like this now? I'm thinking that the closest thing (I know of) is a Remo coated Diplomat.
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    Hold a 7/8" tom post in a 1" Ludwig bass drum?

    Anybody here have a solution to fitting a 7/8 tom post in a 1" hole? I'd like to use my Gretsch toms on a 3-ply Ludwig bass drum, the Gretsch drums originally came with Pearl 7/8 tom brackets. I've thought about ordering a 7/8 inside diameter--1" outside diameter bushing, but wondering if...
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    WANTED: Vintage Ludwig COB 6.5x14 Snare Drum

    Hi, Please let me know if you've got one you can part with, and what the bread would be, or if you're looking to swap, what you might be looking for. Thanks! T
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    The Humble Spur-Lok

    I recently bought a 1970 Ludwig set that came with a Spur-Lok hi hat stand (1123-1). I've been pleasantly surprised at how great it feels; now it's my main hi hat stand. Anyone else like using this stand?