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  1. jccabinets

    Would you return this head?

  2. jccabinets

    Nice match, what do you think.

    My 67 acro with my oyster blue ludwig with a camco floor tom.
  3. jccabinets

    OT is this worth much?

    My buddy wants to give this to me. I thought I should pay him something for it. Any idea on what amount I should give him?
  4. jccabinets

    How many songs do you play in a gig?

    Just wondered, on average how many tunes your band plays for a typical four hour gig.
  5. jccabinets

    Some good news

    I have been practicing a lot and definatly notice some improvement. The only thing that is not working as good as it should is my right foot. But I am happy with my progress and find it to be very enjoyable to come down stairs every night and play my beautiful Camco drums( with a jazz fest...
  6. jccabinets

    Source for cymbal arm

    I would like to try using the cymbal arm for my ride cymbal. Found a nice one from Steve Maxwell but it only fits mounts. My Ludwig (and Camco) are 9mm. Not getting any results from google. Can someone please tell me where to find one? I would be fine with a vintage one as long as its not...
  7. jccabinets

    Ludwig 8 hole COB snare hoop

    I need a clean COB hoop for my new jazz fest, batter side please.
  8. jccabinets

    Deal of the year.

    Made a smart deal today, this jazz fest for painting a 20" bass drum. The drum needs an original brass batter hoop but other than that I think it's all there.
  9. jccabinets

    Mismatched kits can be cool

    Here is a look at what I've been jamming on lately. My restored Camco kit and my Ludwig Jazz Festival snare that I made myself and a beautiful sky blue pearl 16" floor tom that I purchased from a great member right here on DFO.
  10. jccabinets

    Next project

    Here's my next project, any ideas what I should do with these drums?
  11. jccabinets

    One thing missing in my life

    A 16" Camco silver sparkle, Oaklawn badged floor tom. I'm sure if I found one it would cost more than I paid for this kit, which came with a Camco super 99 solid brass snare. Not long ago I was lucky enough to purchase a 16 from a good friend here for another kit. I don't have any hope for this...
  12. jccabinets

    Spotify vs. Amazon Music

    I was wondering if anybody has used Amazon music to listen to their Tunes. I'm sure there are some people out there that have and it'd be nice to hear about your thoughts on that service. I have had Spotify for a couple years now and I really like that but it does cost 10 bucks a month. I was...
  13. jccabinets

    Matching a finish.

    Okay, here we go. A member here will be happy to see this. This is a Tama drum shell with a tangerine finish. The raw shell came from drumfactory. I can't take credit for the actual color match, that came from my finish supplier. It will be a mixture of yellow and orange dye. Then topped with a...
  14. jccabinets

    The making of a jazz festival

    Well I couldn't find the exact Jazz Fest that I wanted to match my kit so I decided to make one. Started off with a 6 and 1/2 in by 14 in Keller vintage mahogany shell. This shell came with 1 1/2 in tall reinforcement rings. I had planned this the whole time, I would trim a half inch off of each...
  15. jccabinets

    Drumming is Becoming Boring to Me

    Last night I sat down behind one of my beautiful vintage kits and tried to have fun playing but could not. I have been without a band for over a year and most likely will never be in a band again. I say this because my old band played very few gigs and I liked that, I dont want to be in some...
  16. jccabinets

    Red felt BB bat muffler

    Hi, I am looking for a red felt muffler/tone control in very good condition.
  17. jccabinets

    Ludwig wish list

    Looking for 2 baseball bat tone controls with red felt. 16 very nice condition large classic lugs for 3 ply shell. 8 jazz fest chrome lugs in very good condition. 14" cob hoops, snare and batter 2 14" cob hoops for floor tom. 3 floor tom leg mounts, early 60's, red felt era. All parts need to be...
  18. jccabinets

    Anyone have experience with Keller vintage mahogany shells

    I'm considering on building a drum from one of those vintage shells from Keller. Are those drums slightly undersized so there will be room for a wrap? And how close to a 60s 3 ply Ludwig shell would this be? Thank you, Jeff C
  19. jccabinets

    Proud of my Ludwig snares

  20. jccabinets

    School fest all cleaned up

    Thanks to member tmc333 I scored a nice Ludwig school fest snare drum last week. It is missing a P83 strainer and could use a new butt end. I purchased this with intentions on wrapping it but I thought I would clean it up first. Well, as you can see it looks amazing and the wrap idea has been...