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    Exciting new band gig in MPLS!

    Forum friends... Exciting news. A singer/songwriter named Nick Nelson contacted me through the grapevine the other day to ask me to be his "live" drummer. Nick just released a record that has gone viral on the internet. I looked him up on this website and realized he's #1 on the charts in...
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    Age is just a number...

    I know at this forum, we have a lot of "older" people. Or maybe in respect I should say "wiser" people. But I'm just wondering if there a two ends to the age curve... seems like there is not very many kids that have such an interest in vintage drums. Anyway, I'm 19! :D Just wondering if...
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    Popsicle stick snare drum

    I had an idea to make a snare drum made out of popsicle sticks. Here are a couple photos that display the insanity. I spent about three days working hours upon hours glueing what ended up to be thousands of these little popsicle sticks together. The snare was going to be a 5x14" snare (the...
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    Anybody know how to do an inlay on a drum?

    Does anybody know how to do any inlay on a drum? I watched some youtube videos that helped a lot... but they were all on flat surfaces. I'm wondering how the best way to go about it with a drum would be... Anybody have experience with that? Andy
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    Micing a bass drum w/out a port hole

    Does anybody know the best way for going about this? Or is the port whole mandatory for micing the kick? I only ask because I'm about to buy a vintage kit, and don't want to replace the front head, so I'm wondering how good it would sound to mic it (for a live setting) w/out a port hole...
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    Whats YOUR favorite cymbal?

    My favorite cymbal at the moment has to be the Zildjian 24" K Light ride. That cymbal has such an awesome wash without over powering all of my other cymbals. Also makes a great crash. There is also a huge difference in sound when you change stick tips. It is so versatile to my eyes, I'm so...
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    clip from my band's gig in Rochester, MN

    Let me know what you guys think. It's kinda tough to see me...
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    Is this Ludwig snare worth ANYTHING?

    I just traded a guitar pedal for this old snare drum yesterday on Craigs list. I wasn't if it was a fair trade or not on my end, but I wanted a vintage snare so badly I thought it might be worth it. I'm wondering if somebody can help me identify how old it is, and if its in a decent condition...
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    16" Hi-hats

    Right now I have a 16" K custom dark crash cymbal for my TOP hi-hat. I am looking for a BOTTOM hi-hat combo to go with it. Preferably something thicker and dark/medium dry. Any suggestions? What are everybody's thoughts on 16" or 18" hats?