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    Bird's Eye Views...

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    Dream kit as a kid

    I gotta say that I think I had it easy: no internet, no drum magazines, nothing, just album covers. I was totally happy with my blue sparkle MIJ kit.
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    Jerry died 25 years ago today....

    Always missed. Every day.
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    Who is still using Bosphorus on your Jazz gigs...even though you can afford anything?

    I've been using the same paper thin 16" for almost 20 years, got spider cracks and bent like an old felt hat, perfect cymbal.
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    George Fludas is Bonham 2.0 on drums

    George is a great musician. Glad you posted this.
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    Favorite youtube drum personalities.

    Mostly I have a few youtube drummers that I watch for entertainment in not a good way, but I do like this guy's channel: I AM DRUMMER Oh, and Tim Rowe........ he's just wonderful. I miss Paul Fasulo.
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    Your Top Ten Albums of 2010-2019

    I can only think of some (I'll edit some more in if any come to mind) -- Peace Trail -- Neil Young Prodigal Son -- Ry Cooder 7 Walkers -- 7 Walkers
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    What would be your chosen set of "same cymbal brand & line"?

    A Zildjians, 1950's or earlier. That is, if I could only pick only one. Never works out that way for me though, I can't remember a time when I was happy with a matching set of cymbals.
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    Happy Birthday to Mr. Bun E. Carlos!

    Happy Birthday, Bun. Thanks for laying it down so well!
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    I truly dislike paypal, but the more I look at this, the less I like it. Feels too big brother to me, I'm done there.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Practice space today. First generation DW's, 18" 1950's A, 16" paper thin Bosphorus circa 2000, 14" old stamp K over a Canadian A from 1978.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    I like everyone's drums. I never like my own drums.
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    NEW Philly Joe Jones Footage

    Pure brilliance! Thank you. "Look Stop Listen" is also from 1983, I've had it all these years.
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    First Drum Solo You Ever Learned

    "Do What You Like" -- Ginger Baker from the Blind Faith LP. First written solo was "Rudimental Jam" by Charles Wilcoxon.
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    SOLD 22" 50s ride and 22" swish Zildjian

    Really nice.
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    never mind

    On Reverb, I frequently get 50% offers. At first I was shocked, but now I just laugh, say thanks, and make a counter-offer (the price I can live with). I view Reverb as the opposite of eBay..... on Reverb the prices come down, or if not, I just put my lowest price up first and don't leave a...
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    Your favorite full album

    Donny Hathaway -- Everything is Everything
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    Official Aquarian Modern Vintage Thread

    I like them a lot. Usually I put the medium coated on top, the thin coated on the bottom. Easy to tune, nice tone, nice articulate stick sound and feel. I've liked them for any genre of music. For playing brushes, I prefer the way Remo coating wears down, and for that reason alone, I keep...
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Charlie Haden