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    Looking for vintage "tripod" cymbal stands

    nickel or chrome?
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    Ludwig 3 ply shells

    Have a 8 by 12 Champagne CLUB DATE...14 by 22" Red Sparkle Trans badge....
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    Looking for tama bell brass hoops

    Are they just die casts?>>I have some clean ones...if so...
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    Ludwig 18 hoop triple flange

    Hi..I have 3..please PM me...thanks
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    Ludwig Clubdate Tension Rods 6"

    Hey Chris..think I have a few (6?) left..still need?
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    Wanted Ludwig tension rods

    Hi...size please?..a pic of 1 would be good also...
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    Gretsch Single Point snare butt end for 3 ply Round badge snare

    Have 2/3rds of 1..needs tension knob though....
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    WTB Fullerton Rogers 24" and 16"

    I am looking at a 24" BD this weekend...Fullerton
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    Slingy 3 point / red/green tone controls

    Hey Joey..I have some red/green ones..BUT..they are faded from the flood in my basement :-(
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    Slingerland straight floor tom legs

    Have some 3 nice shape Premier ones////look the same as Slings....
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    Sonor Teardrops

    Tim..I have a 13" Teardrop 6 ply SHELL only..with badge...PM me if interested...thanks
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    Premier Olympic flat based cymbal stands. Set of 3. NOS!

    I had a music store call me in the late 80's from my MD ad....had LOADS of NOS/still in the box,Prem Lokfast hi hat/snare/cymbal stands!. I think I bought 4 cymbal stands.....which I stupidly sold.......should have bought 40 of them!
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    Gretsch Gold Plated Snare

    Yup..I had one..bought it from Forks...think I paid $400 for it...flipped it for $900 ..the gold missing on it bothered me..... Blair
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    paypal friend payment

    I always figure 3.3% domestic P/P fees.... 4.3 % international.... Usually,I am within pennies doing it this way...
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    Vater Vintage Bomber beater...

    What about the vintage "BOMPER" bd beaters that were out there?>Said it right on it....
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    Selling Vintage Drums On Ebay

    PS..just sent a 60's Prem 20,12,16 to Miami from Michigan...$131.......insured for $750...actual value.......12 put inside 20..via FedEx...
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    Selling Vintage Drums On Ebay

    2 types of packing popcorn..1) biodegradable......that melt into nothing if you put water on them.... 2)poly....which will be around longer then us...and it climbs up your walls....... Is no.1 acceptable?
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    My rarest Round Badge Gretsch bop kit ever found!

    Jamoe (sp?) from the Allman Bros called me from my M D ad wanting this EXACT kit around 27 years ago..told him I had never seen/heard of one....and now..only 27 years appears!
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    How many Sabian players in here?..

    OK!>>Thanks all
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    How many Sabian players in here?..

    I have just started to try to put a whole vintage set together...but sure know not too many people seem to look for them!. When my phone used to ring off the hook for drum gear...I would hardly EVER get people calling for them....