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    Calf skin heads

    Thanks Mike that’s very kind of you.
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    Calf skin heads

    14” batter side snare for sure. Also 12” for rack tom and 14” and 20” for batter side floor and bass. Is it best to use calf skins on both batter and reso?
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    Calf skin heads

    I want to try some calf skin heads. Hoping for pros and cons on their use. Any suggestions on which brands are best.
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    Ringo’s Drum tech

    I’m hoping someone can lead me to any information about Ringo’s drum tech. It appears that Jeff Ocheltree was Bonhams and there is plenty of videos and info on him. I would love any insight on Ringo.
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    So much for meeting halfway. I just watched you Gretsch Kit three different tunings. Anyone who tunes that well should be required by international law to post the tunebot settings. Awesome brother!
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    Your eyes are getting heavy, you are drifting off to a deep sleep, when you awaken you will sell me that Zildjian K Constantinople 22” Flat ride. I’ve watched your YouTube videos of that cymbal it’s absolutely beautiful.
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    Ludwig classic maple

    What year did Ludwig introduce the Classic Maple 7 ply,all maple,45 degree bearing edge drum shell?
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    Canopus rfm

    I would love to hear a sound file on those Monsters! One negative comment I’ve heard is that the 16” floor tom is dry. Have you had problems with yours?
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    Canopus rfm

    The thickness of the shell matters, the number of plies matters and the bearing edges matters. I like to know what’s under the hood before I spend $3k.
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    Canopus rfm

    I agree it just seemed odd that they weren’t willing to give these facts out. My goodness look at Dw’s website you can find out the g.p.s coordinates where the tree grew they used in your shells and the name of the guy who formed it in the mold.
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    Canopus rfm

    Thank you gentlemen for the information and the link. After playing Ludwig,Rogers and Yamaha for years aren’t those Canopus shells on the thin side?
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    Canopus rfm

    I’m considering a Canopus rfm Kit but would like some info. Can anyone tell me how many plies are in the shells, shell thickness and number of plies in the re-rings. From what I understand the size of the drum determines these factors. I want a 15x22,13x9 and 16x15 configuration. I’ve actually...
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    Yamaha maple custom

    Thanks for the offer but I’m not a fan of those nouveau lugs.
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    Yamaha maple custom

    Prefer 20” bass, 12” tom and 16” floor tom (with legs)
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    YAMAHA Manu Katche Jr. kit MIJ

    I have one and can say nothing but good things about it. The floor tom is the best of the bunch. Tunebot settings (138 Hz.batter lugs 185 Hz.reso lugs = 2nd octave A. Gives you a nice rumble. (164 Hz. Batter lugs 220 Hz. Reso lugs renders a bop sound. The Bass drum is the most finicky. I use an...
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    Canopus RFM vs Neo Vintage M1?

    I was researching the Canopus Rfm kits shell construction. I emailed Canopus and they told me they couldn’t divulge that info to the I contacted DCP one of their distributors and they got the same response from them. What ever it is though I must admit they do sound awesome.
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    Ludwig Tambourine tuning rods

    Does anyone know where to buy/find the tuning rods for an old Ludwig 10” wood tambourine? There are four on it now I’m not sure how many were there when it was new. I would like to have four more if I can find them.
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    Mounting a tambourine

    I’ve got an old Ludwig tambourine that is like to mount off my Pearl drum rack. What are some good options?
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    Quiet cymbal

    I need a “QUIET” ride cymbal. I’m playing in a very unforgiving room, the acoustics are terrible. At the present time I’m using a Zildjian K Con medium thin low 20” or a Zildjian trans stamp 18”. Even after trying different types of muffling and using all the technique I know these two cymbals...
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    Hybrid Acoustic setup for tonights gig

    Awesome performance! I really enjoyed your sound. Great drumming!