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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    90s Yamaha recording custom in deep aqua. Sizes are 10/12/14/15/22. Also included is a deep aqua 6x14 MIJ birch custom snare, which is the same shell and finish as the drum set. Drums have a few nicks and bumps from use, but nothing major. Majority of marking is on the batter side bass drum...
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    Found Please Delete WTB rock tour custom Yamaha

    Looking for a clean 12/13/16/22 Rock tour custom. Would prefer blue or yellow. If a nice set of red or black pop up, I’d be good with that too. Trying to channel my inner Manu Katche. Put a pic on for reference. I would also prefer the legged floor Tom instead of stand mounted. Thanks in advance.
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    Sale Pending 90s deep aqua Yamaha recording custom set

    I have a 90s recording custom in deep aqua and the deep aqua MIJ birch custom snare. The kit is 8.5/10 and the snare is 9/10 condition wise. Sizes are 10/12/14/15/22 for the set. Bearing edges are perfect on every drum. Some small cosmetic scratches and scuffs, but nothing major. Looking for...
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    Reissued Big Beat thoughts

    Happy Sunday all. What are your thoughts on the reissued big beat vistalites? I had a set of 70s red that I really liked, but was nervous to take them out due to cracking, splitting, etcetera. I really love their sound and I am considering unloading a set that is around equal value to a new...
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    Sold Zildjian A custom cymbal set

    Have a set of A custom cymbals. 14” hi hats, 16” crash, 18” crash, and 20” ride. Cymbals are in good condition. No cracks or issues. Just normal wear. 700 or best offer. Located in CA.
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    Sold Early 70s Rogers concert Tom set

    Have a early 70s Rogers concert Tom set. Sizes are 10/12/13/14/24. Set is in good condition. Some pitting and surface rust on the rims. Can be cleaned up easily, as I’ve done quite a bit of it. Has new batter heads and soft cases. 450 or best offer. Will ship at buyers expense. Located in CA.
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    Sold Pork pie snare

    Have a pork pie maple snare. In excellent condition. 7x13. Comes with a soft case. 200 or best offer. Will ship at buyers expense. Located in CA
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    Sold XP8 Rogers set

    Have a XP8 Rogers set for sale. 12/13/16/22. Blue mist wrap. Shells are in good condition. Some cracking on the original wrap, which these were prone to, and has all memriloc hardware for bass drum and floor Tom. Has a set of soft cases and new heads top and bottom. Batter have 90% life left...
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    Sold 2010s tour custom Yamaha

    Selling a 2010s Tour custom in red. Kit is in very good condition. Couple small scratches but in great condition overall. Sizes are 10/12/16/22. Has new batter heads and a set of soft cases. 900 or best offer. Will ship at buyers expense. Located in CA.
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    Sold 90s black beauty engraved

    Have a 90s black beauty engraved. Individually numbered and in excellent condition. Has the case and key for the locks. 1500 or best offer. Will ship at buyers expense. Will also consider trade for mint slingerland 12/14/20 modern jazz set with slingerland snare. Located in CA
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    Ease of selling gear.

    Morning all. I’m considering selling some gear and wonder what the best way to go about it is. I have a 8-10-12-14-16-18-22 maple custom absolute Yamaha from the early 2000s blue, and a 12-13-16-22 vistalite from the 70s in red. I also have some hardware for the Yamaha and a couple snares. I...