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    Strike Pro Ride Cymbal

    I received my "Blemished" Strike Pro kit from Guitar Center on 6/4/20 and after getting it all set up, I learned that the ride cymbal barely triggers. It will only make noise when I strike it extemely hard. All of the other cymbals respond as the should. To isolate the problem to the cymbal I...
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    Drum Amps

    Looking for a decent amp to use with my Strike Pro kit. It doesn't need to be anything extremely loud. It's just for my personal use. Any ideas or input are appreciated.
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    Strike Pro Hi Hat issues???

    Hello everyone. While I'm waiting for my Strike Pro kit to arrive, I've been reading a lot about the kit. It seems that there are some issue with the stock hi hats that come with the kit. Are there any other hi hats that are better and will work with this kit, or any tricks/tips anyone can give...
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    Electronic Kit Shipping Cost

    Does anyone have a rough idea on what it costs to ship a 6 pc 3 cymbal electronic kit?
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    Hello ALL

    Hey everyone. Thanks for having me here. I'm fairly new to electronic drums, but I've been playing on and off for about 35 years. I owned 1 electronic kit years ago (Yamaha DTXpress IV Special). It worked great, but I missed the real feel and sound of an acoustic kit. Due to the hereditary...
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    What's up everyone? New guy here. Pretty new to electronic drums, but a longtime acoustic player. I owned one electronic set several years ago (Yamaha DTXpress IV Special) and played it for a year or so until I started missing the acoustic sound and feel. I recently had to sell my beautiful...