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    Wanted: Ludwig 18" floor tom Walnut cortex

    looking for orphan '70's Ludwig 18" floor tom in Walnut cortex.Preferably 3 ply.In good condition,cash and/or trade
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    Vintage Ludwig drum bracket

    In need of one 9mm vintage Ludwig tom bracket,in good shape & complete.
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    WTB:Ludwig tom Walnut cortex

    looking for 8x12 or 10x14 Ludwig mounted tom.Either 3 ply or 6 ply in good condition.Cash or trade.
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    Looking for vintage Ludwig champagne wrap

    Looking to refinish a Ludwig 20" players bass drum.Anyone out there strip a bass drum lately? Please let me know.
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    Wanted: Speed King parts

    Needed : 2 Speed King ball bearing units.Cash or trade.
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    Needed:Fibes floor tom brackets

    Interested in Nazareth era floor tom brackets(need three).Have lots of vintage Fibes,Ludwig & Rogers parts to trade.
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    Wanted : Fibes floor tom brackets

    In need of three Nazareth era floor tom brackets in good shape.Have many vintage Ludwig,Rogers & Fibes parts to trade.
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    Giving Kudos to.......

    Buddman 1955 I bought a vintage tom he had advertised here at DFO. I didn't dicker on the price & he was kind enough to reduce the shipping by half. He thoroughly cleaned the drum,it looks just like it does in the photos & description. He stayed in constant contact w/ me thru the whole...
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    Needed:Ludwig spring

    Looking for the flat "tongue" spring, from the Ludwig concert tom clip mount. Anybody have them ?
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    Ultra Violet Light to fade a finish

    Any truth to fading a sparkle finish using U.V. light? I have a Ludwig champagne tom that I've added to my kit.It's just a lot darker than the rest of the set.I know better than to put it in direct sunlight.This time of the year in south Florida,is not a smart thing to do.Any helpful input is...
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    Never hear about these.....

    I remember back in the mid to late 60's,seeing silver colored cymbals in a Zildjian catalog.Not like the titanium type you see nowadays.These were lathed,but unlike the regular bronze/brass line.I've never seen these anywhere,not at retailers,nobody using them,nothing.Now the pictures of these...
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    12 Strand 14" snare wires ?

    I never knew they could sound so good.After 44 + years of drumming,I found out that I was wrong about my thinking of these narrow wires.I have a Cleveland brass PowerTone,that I was unhappy about the sound of.I have Remo heads on it & Pearl wires(approx.$10.00 wires).The drum just had an echo...
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    Sunlite Drumheads

    Does anyone use or have tried out Sunlite drumheads ? I'm wondering how their hydraulic head compares to Evans hydraulic.Are they possibly made by Attack ? Are they foreign made or domestic ? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Thanx
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    tom bracket gaskets

    Where can I find thick gasket material to put under Ludwig floor tom brackets ?
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    Craftsman in South Florida?

    Looking to convert vistalite concert tom into double headed tom.Pls let me know if you can do it w/o cracking shell. Tnanx
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    converting regular cymbal to sizzle

    How many of you have converted a regular cymbal to a sizzle/rivet cymbal? I'm thinking of doing this with some crash cymbals to get a little more sustain.I play smaller venues w/ no overhead mics.I feel as though my cymbals natural sustain is limited because of the PA. & amplifiers volume.Plus,I...
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    Remo head/flesh hoop

    This is weird,let me explain.I noticed on one of my snare drums,I had tensioned the head unevenly(I never do this).What happened was,the counter hoop popped the ends of the flesh hoop off at the seam.I left it that way for a long time.It never pulled thru the counter hoop ,even while...
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    Cruise Ship Gig(s)

    I know a little bit about life working on a cruise ship.I say a little because,I've never lived it.I was on the road for seven years,during the 70's & 80's,that I know about.I've just read about the cruise ship life & talked to players, that have actually done it.Also, from some forumites that...