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    New Drumart web site preview

    Drumart has a new web site on the way. Here's a preview:
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    Joel Rosenblatt

    To my mind, Joel Rosenblatt doesn't get the recognition he deserves (I also feel this is the case with Lenny White). Lots of interesting and useful information in this, musical and otherwise:
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    Garibaldi in the driver's seat

    How it's done:
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    WTB: Tama Silverstar 10" tom - sky blue sparkle

    Looking for a Tama Silverstar 10" sky blue sparkle tom like this (any depth ok):
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    Tama single tom post

    looking for a Tama single tom post, model MTH900B.
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    Tama Silverstar 10 tom

    Looking for a Tama Silverstar 8x10 tom in sky blue sparkle
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    Tony mystery

    At 6:36 - anyone have any idea what that black thing on Tony's bass drum is? Almost looks like an xlr plug to me.
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    Bill Burr on drums and Tony Williams

    I knew that one of my favorite comedians, Bill Burr, messed around a little bit on the drums but never knew he was this serious about it. Check out what he has to say about Tony Williams. And practice kits. And mini-kits. And e-kits. Hysterical.
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    Joey - muy caliente

    Another example of why Joey Heredia is a mean machine. The whole thing cooks, but check out minutes 31-41 for some serious stuff.
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    Pearl lock problem

    I'm having problems getting the tongue on the Pearl memory lock on my tom post to fit into the groove into the bass drum tom receiver mount (BB-3, BB-300). When I put the lock into the bass drum mount by itself, no problem - it fits snug and flush. But when I put it on the 7/8" tom pipe and...
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    21st century KC

    I'm guessing this was the encore - very hard to follow something like this. Gavin is a beast.
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    Peruvian Percussion

    By sheer dumb luck, I ran into a massive parade a last week while in Cusco, Peru. The parade lasted about two hours, during which time I snapped some pix, some of which show the stuff that Peruvian drummers march with. Apparently the most available drums are Lazer, a Taiwanese manufacturer. I...
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    What Kit Is This?

    Can anyone tell me what model Roland kit this is? I'm not that familiar with e-kits and I can't seem to be able to see the module clearly enough to read anything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    How Simon Phillips Does St. Patrick's Day

    The Coors - Toss the Feathers: Simon doing drum overdubs on the tune in the studio:
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    Who's using e-drums live Pete talking about the upcoming Who tour w/ orchestra (excerpt): [Townshend] gives credit to Daltrey for making a rock band-orchestra pairing more palatable. "My experience is it's very difficult to work...
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    Bruford Simmons Clinic

    Caught Bill Bruford doing a Simmons clinic in Tokyo in the early 1980s (83-84 maybe). He opened with The Drum Also Waltzes. The technology was very impressive at the time.
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    Wanted: Rogers Memriloc stand bases

    Looking for two Rogers Memriloc cymbal/tom stand bases (or full stands)
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    Trading Paiste 20" Sig Heavy Bell Ride for smaller Paiste Sig ride

    I have a 20" Paiste Signature Heavy Bell Ride I'd like to trade for a Paiste Sig 19" ride. Hope there's one out there.
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    Happy birthday Lenny White

    In my opinion, Lenny's one of the most underrated drummers around. Great ears, tasteful, funky and powerful, totally committed to the band and a great producer to boot.
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    Trilok unleashed

    Trilok Gurtu may be the most inventive percussionist I've ever seen/heard. In terms of out-and-out drumming, his extended solo on Pasha's Love on this live album from the early 90s may be one of the most unbelievable things I've ever heard. If you want to get a taste of what he can really do...