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    Slingerland 80's interior paint

    Can anyone tell me if Slingerland ever used gloss black paint on interior of a floor tom? If not, what's best way to remove it, or should I just leave it alone? Please help. Thank you.
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    70s-80s Slingerland chrome drum question

    Hi drum experts. I'm trying to read a Slingerland chrome over wood 20" floor tom, and am curious if at any time, did they come with interior painted glossy black? I'm guessing not, because I pulled everything apart for deep clean and polish, and the wood where the washers went, are bare. Should...
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    Slingerland Spit Fire 12 lug cob snare worth, in excellent condition

    I recently got back into playing, and bought a really nice Slingerland chrome over maple, with 2 times 24" kicks, and a 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 inch double head Tom's, and 18" and a 20" floor Tom's, with lots of vintage zildjian cymbals. Anyhow, it has a few pieces I wont likely use, like a...