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  1. JazzDrumGuy

    BRASS 13" snare... LUDWIG, PORK PIE or YAMAHA?

    Pork Pie 7x13 patina was pretty sweet but very loud......
  2. JazzDrumGuy

    Filling holes

    Sorry - don't like that. I'd probably leave it where is. I don't recall if that is an original 12x16 or was cut down. If cut down, and rewrapped and extra holes for the aftermarket mount, it may not make any difference in value.
  3. JazzDrumGuy

    LOL....Gretsch RB Floor Tom Restoration Surprise!

    I have a similar situation with my RB 14x14 BDP FT. A big hole on the side but otherwise very nice condition. I bought a few pieces of vintage Gretsch BDP wrap (I think off a few different 8x12's) and haven't gotten around to patching yet. It's possible one of my pieces would match yours and...
  4. JazzDrumGuy

    Want to find a DW Collectors 6.5x14 black nickel over brass snare drum

    PM sent last nite w/pics.
  5. JazzDrumGuy

    Gretsch Copper 5.5" x 14" snare (mostly complete)

    Nope - still have it.....
  6. JazzDrumGuy

    Filling holes

    Where would you move it to? If anything, center between the mount and hoop? I am not a fan of the Yamaha mount and that kit looks so sweet (and right) with a rail.....but do what you gotta do....
  7. JazzDrumGuy

    Can Any Zildjmaster ID this Naked K Model?

    Hmm.......the hammer marks do look a little different, but I didn't think they were as pronounced on the regular K.........
  8. JazzDrumGuy

    Talk About OT: What's the Farthest You've Ever Traveled From Home?

    Physically - L.A. to Sydney AUS for 3 weeks right after the 2000 Olympics Psychedically - to the ends of the 4th dimension (and always back)..........
  9. JazzDrumGuy

    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 19” Price Drop, Now with high tech video

    Never heard of a cymbal called assertive or having a twinkle.....I'm curious. Any sound file?
  10. JazzDrumGuy

    Recommend a snare drum between $200-$300

    Gretsch copper 5.5x14. $225 shipped - just needs heads, snare wires, hoops and 20 tension rods. I will include heads and wires.....PM me.
  11. JazzDrumGuy

    Would you keep a kit, knowing that add ons are discontinued and scarce?

    If you really like them and want them (ie: 12/14/20/snare), then yes. Then you just have to sit and wait for additional drums to show up in the marketplace........ My singer from my last band in L.A. bought an SUV. I said cool but why? He said so I could tow my boat to my cabin? Cool, but you...
  12. JazzDrumGuy

    SOLD: Dream Dark Matter Flat Earth Ride 22" BRAND NEW

    Any sound file? Weight? Does price include s/h? Any trades?
  13. JazzDrumGuy

    Want to find a DW Collectors 6.5x14 black nickel over brass snare drum

    Will PM you tonite....thanks......
  14. JazzDrumGuy

    Neat HiHat.. stuck-stick, trick...

    Maybe I'm missing something. The guy obviously has skills and they're jamming. But how is he supposed to reach for that stick if it's pointing outside of the kit to the right. I was thinking it has something to do with giving the hats more slosh?
  15. JazzDrumGuy

    Drummer's World Nesting Kit 18/12/14 GOLD GLITTER

    Does only the 12 nest or does the 14 too?
  16. JazzDrumGuy

    Serious snare question - The actual sonic difference between 5 and 6.5

    A larger drum is louder and fatter/thicker/deeper sounding, all other things being equal including tuning. I love my 6.5 BB, but can't stand my 5 BB. I love my 6.5 COA Supras (KB & B/O), but the 5" is just okay. Slingy COB Krupa - amazing; the 5" - hate it! For metal, I like deeper. For wood...
  17. JazzDrumGuy

    Drummer's World Nesting Kit 18/12/14 GOLD GLITTER

    What sizes are the drums?
  18. JazzDrumGuy

    Dry Complex Ride Series I or II (Preferrably 22", 24")

    Dry complex I/II is the "Bill Stewart" ride. Dark complex was okay, had a brilliant finish and nice dark crash, but the low volume ping and bell didn't do it for me......
  19. JazzDrumGuy

    Want to find a DW Collectors 6.5x14 black nickel over brass snare drum

    If you decide to go smaller, I have a 5x14 with satin chrome hardware.....otherwise, good luck w/the search.....