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  1. dustjacket

    Interesting Gretsch Listing (scantily clad?)

    Just leave this here...
  2. dustjacket

    What Makes a Crash sound good?

    Fullness. I like lush crashes that fade out just right.
  3. dustjacket

    Meinl 24” R&D Concept Model (Foundry Reserve Thin Ride)

    I'll say it again, Meinl is quietly killing it with their jazzier cymbals. This video is fantastic!
  4. dustjacket

    FedEx billed me more than what they originally quoted!

    Unless you shipped the cymbals in a refrigerator box, something is terribly wrong.
  5. dustjacket

    Bird's Eye Views...

    Meinl has been quietly making some great jazz cymbals lately.
  6. dustjacket

    Bird's Eye Views...

    Wow, never seen the Monophonic sizzle and hats. What are they like?
  7. dustjacket

    Gretsch Brooklyn vs Ludwig Classic Maple

    What sizes?
  8. dustjacket

    Would you get your first kit back?

    A red wine Pulse kit and big NO Thanks.
  9. dustjacket

    Sabian - SOLD!

    PMed :)
  10. dustjacket

    Ayotte Bop Kit

    Very cool. Already 2 offers. Not sure why it's listed as "new" though.
  11. dustjacket

    Agop Convert

    I've been eyeing the 30th Anniversary cymbals for awhile now. Even used, the cost is just out of my comfort zone. Someday! Really dig the Mel Lewis and Signature lines too.
  12. dustjacket

    Traditional/Classic sets advice needed

    Agops. Best reputation and resale value.
  13. dustjacket

    22" Cresent/sabian wide ride SOLD

    Super underrated cymbal, so versatile. Awesome price!
  14. dustjacket

    Beverly Kit found, need some info from the Brit lovers

    If it's the gold flake kit, they're beautiful.
  15. dustjacket

    Barton Essential Birch Kit (12/14/20) NJ,DE,NY,PA SOLD

    Like new. Untouched stock heads. Real pretty set. Matte yellow finish. Pick up only. I'm in South Jersey, 15 mins outside of Philly. 7x12 14x14 14x20 $465. Price is firm. Thanks for looking :)
  16. dustjacket

    Moving on From Zildjian? Thoughts!

    Big Beats or Giant Beats? They come in the sizes you like.