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  1. Snooter

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Just bought a Sonor 600 three legged hi hat stand. Can't wait to get it delivered!!!
  2. Snooter

    Trick alumimium 6x14 snare drum....lower price

    how thick is this shell? Heavy drum?
  3. Snooter

    Dream kit as a kid

    Irod 1707, As a kid I drooled over this set you have shown in the ad. It was a cool red set on display at Maytan music store in Reno NV. I wanted this kit just because there were so many drums and Rush and Dio were my influences at that time. You brought back some memories
  4. Snooter

    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    Great kit. Too bad I dont live in Cali
  5. Snooter

    SOLD! - 1985 Yamaha Tour Custom Drum Set - Cobalt Blue - Six Piece - $1000

    Would love to have this set of Yammies closer to me. Would love to play them and see how they compare to Beech customs Got me thinking
  6. Snooter

    Sonor Vintage, 4 pce in California Blue

  7. Snooter

    I pulled the trigger.

    Congrats on your set of drums!!! Great color choice as well. These are well made and great sounding drums
  8. Snooter

    Another dream snare - Pearl Masterworks Rosewood

    You've got your hands and ears full now. LOL
  9. Snooter

    Pearl Ian Paice signature snare

    $324 at steve weiss
  10. Snooter

    Pearl Ian Paice signature snare

    I'm on the hunt for one now!!!
  11. Snooter

    Another dream snare - Pearl Masterworks Rosewood

    Your Tama rosewood was the newer type right? Did you ever get to play one of the original Tama rosewoods? I never played the new RW but love my original. Pork Pie snares have really been getting my interest lately. Are there a lot of solid rosewood porkers out there? Enjoy your snares, they're...
  12. Snooter

    LP Gajate bracket. Sold!

  13. Snooter

    Mapex Phat BoB Black Panther snare

    I would like one of these
  14. Snooter

    Gretsch Renown questions (might get a kit)

    If it were me I'd go with what Treviso said. Buy two sets and be set for good. 24's are fun,full, and awesome!!!!
  15. Snooter

    2 strainers on one snare?

    Dennis Chambers maple sig drum has two strainers. I love it
  16. Snooter


    Awesome set of Sonor drums!!!
  17. Snooter

    Regal Tip Stock

    Any chester Thompson 1A models for sale?
  18. Snooter

    New Rogers brass Dynasonic?

    What's the pricing on these?
  19. Snooter

    500 dollars and 500 miles got me this...

    Awesome set in cool sizes too. 24 goes boom. LOL
  20. Snooter

    Time for new cymbals !!! K's worth it ??

    I have a complete set of K dark thin crashes( 16.17.18's, 19's, and a twenty) I also have a22 k custom dark ride a 20 k ride a 22 k light ride and a 24 k light ride finished by 15 k light hats Have used these for any and everything. Not piercing sound but nice full and rich within the mix...