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    New kit - when to compromise?

    Me? I’ve got a lot of other financial responsibilities and I’d get those if they’re a better deal. Also I have the psychological bent where once I spend quality time with the instrument, have some memories playing it, practice time, gig time, studio time, load ins and outs, the music and...
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    DW Pi...

    Perfect for Prog.
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    Interesting Gretsch Listing (scantily clad?)

    Forget the Catalinas. Aren’t those some rad Pearl Exports in the back in that first picture?
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    Skill level vs Gear level

    That does it. Say no more. I’m leaving Marin County and coming to Georgetown, KY!
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    A band mate shared a video of us playing a cover at a backyard casual last summer. Well, in the video she shared with me I broke a stick and had to grab another. I remember at the time it happened just feeling a sense of panic, like I’d totally lost the beat. But in the video I think I just toss...
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    Thanks so much, TRStix! Very good advice, with some excellent ideas and perceptions. Earlier in this thread I mentioned my much older son who was my first student, at around six. By seven he gave up drums for classical music. He was the sort of child who responded very well to coaching, so...
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    Welcome, Dumpy! I lurked on sites for about 6 months before diving in on this one and it’s a great place with fine people. The breadth of knowledge and willingness of people to help is wonderful.
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    Can Any Zildjmaster ID this Naked K Model?

    Deegeebee, mine definitely looks different than your example, which is a year younger, so now I am still curious all over again.
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    Which would you choose?

    I’m so glad you ignored all the other jokers on this thread and listened to me and got the Supra. ...congratulations and what size?
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    thoughts on jelly bean, lifesaver kits, popular or passe ??

    I like them and think, due to their inherent funkiness, they don't ever go out of style because they are never in style. I like sparkle jellies but prefer two tones, which I suppose aren't true jellybeans, like champagne/silver or red/blue or red/gold or blue/gold, but not red and green...
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    Gretsch USA Custom

    Every time I see those bass drum mufflers I want one if those kits.
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    Which would you choose?

    La Supra tambien.
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    Just got back from the worst concert in my life !

    I saw John Hiatt in a club and, as great as he was, the volume was so over the top and unnecessarily loud one could not really discern what was played.
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    My band

    Hey Houndog, nicely done! Only a year in? Lot of work went down to get all that together. When your singer said, “We’re going to feature our drummer....” I thought; This is not the setting for a drum solo, no. But you played a solid tom groove with taste integrated into the song. You even got a...
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    DW Shootout

    Thanks for posting. I would not have sought this out, so I watched this because, other than the Collectors series being at the top of the food chain, I didn’t really know the differences in these three lines. I’ve always thought the Design series was above the Performance in price. Of the...
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    Whats your favorite tool in your drumming toolbox?

    For me, the very basic world of RLRL or RRLL with varying dynamics.
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    Let's Talk About Big Drummers

    Ditto on Aaron Spears. With his girth and his groove—there is a gravitational pull.
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    Would you get your first kit back?

    60’s Ludwig Downbeat configuration in champagne sparkle? With certainty I can say I’d want it back. A few issues, though: I know myself and I’d be too worried about them to take them to gigs, and I can’t play drums in my condo, so they’d go directly to solitary confinement in a storage...
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    Rehab overbuffed cymbals?

    Whenever I get new hats, or any cymbal for that matter, I find it takes me a while to become accustomed to their nuances. Often cymbals I don’t like alone sound great with a band and vice versa. Of course you might have already spent your time with them, or simply know what you like faster...
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    How do we know which cymbal to hit? Instinct or not?

    First off, I play a one up/one down kit, and I’m not the star of the show. I have two cymbals, typically 20 inchers. One is a ride I can crash and the other is a crash I can ride. If the crash needs to be a big whole note or half note sort of thing, something that gives the cymbal time to...