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  1. NobleCooleyNut

    Sonor AQ2 Maple Martini Kit

    The best sounding small, portable kit is the Whitney nesting Penguin 16. I have owned so many small portable kits and nesting kits and the Whitney nesting Penguin 16 is by far the best sounding, most portable and lightweight of all. Not cheap, but it comes with the Quickframe, all the mounting...
  2. NobleCooleyNut

    Yamaha Club Customs

    I liked the sound , didn’t particularly like the finishes. Different strokes for different folks
  3. NobleCooleyNut

    Regal Tip: 5A-X Sticks: Are they discontinued?

    Forum Member Murat’s shop had 5aX in wood tip and nylon in stock last time I was there . Reach out to him through his store Drummer’s Hangout
  4. NobleCooleyNut

    Anyone using a 13" snare drum as the main snare?

    I used a Sonor Benny Greb snare for awhile and they are great snares but sold my Benny Greb and N&C 13” CD Maple snare and have gone completely back to 14” snare drums . I do have interest in the 12” Sonor Protean ( Gavin Harrison) snare . I have the 140 version and it is fantastic . I assume...
  5. NobleCooleyNut

    Evans 56 heads

    A recap to my original post on the Evans 56 thread . These heads started bubbling not long after starting this thread . This was not just relegated to the snare head and I am not bashing these heads . I spoke to the Evans Rep and he told me there was a known problem with some batches and they...
  6. NobleCooleyNut

    Sticks-do you break them?

    I might have broken a half dozen sticks over 50+years of playing . Now this doesn’t include stick tips splitting . I am talking about the shaft cracking or breaking . I have had the worst luck with tips splitting with Vic Firth . Regal Tip sticks, I have had good luck with and I really love the...
  7. NobleCooleyNut

    Sabian Prototype HHX Ride Cymbal 22" 2639 grams

    Shane Kinney went to Sabian and handpicked all the prototypes out that he has in his shop . Last time I was in the shop I went through about 20 Sabian Prototype rides and they were all fantastic . This one sounds great too . Bob is a pleasure to do business with folks , I have done a few deals...
  8. NobleCooleyNut

    Would you keep a kit, knowing that add ons are discontinued and scarce?

    I bought a 20/12/14 Sonor Vintage series kit in Onyx finish knowing the finish is discontinued but that Sonor will still produce add on toms as a special order for a few years after the finish is discontinued . I normally just use a four piece kit so it is not a big deal if I cannot get add ons .
  9. NobleCooleyNut

    Gretsch USA Custom

    Very nice looking kit
  10. NobleCooleyNut

    Tama Starclassic Maple or Gretsch renown?

    Halldor speaks the truth . The Tama Starclassic Maples are wonderful drums . They are top of the line drums that have taken a backseat to Tama’s superb Star lines. The Starclassic Maples shouldn’t they are great drums in their own right .
  11. NobleCooleyNut

    Steve Gadd Snare Drum Versions

    If memory serves - Yamaha originally made maple , birch, steel and brass shell Stage Gadd snares in 14 x 5.5” and 13 x 5” sizes . They then made a wood hoop version of the steel shell I believe .
  12. NobleCooleyNut

    Dream kit as a kid

    What was the kit you dreamed about as a kid ? Now that we have more disposable income did you ever get it ? For me there were two kits I Jonesed for . 1) Slingerland 80n Buddy Rich signature kit in WMP 2) Rogers XP8 Londoner Seven in tobacco burst lacquer finish I did manage to get the...
  13. NobleCooleyNut

    Would you get your first kit back?

    Nope , my first kit was a crappy Japanese stencil kit . I am not that sentimental about gear .I have one or two snares that I have a strong connection to and that is it .
  14. NobleCooleyNut

    Used market drying up?

    I am actually surprised more gear is not coming on the market . A lot of musicians out of work , no gigs . I assumed more musicians would be selling extra gear to make ends meet . I am really not in the market personally as I did my purge about a year ago and got to just gear I actually do gigs...
  15. NobleCooleyNut

    Serious snare question - The actual sonic difference between 5 and 6.5

    I have found that a 5” snare is more articulate and crisper than a comparable 6.5” snare . Both sizes can do the fat thing and resonant thing . For me the biggest difference is in stick articulation and crispness . The other difference for me is stick response , I find when playing a 5” snare...
  16. NobleCooleyNut

    Which would you choose?

    I would go with the 60' Ludaloy Supra. The Ludaloy Supra is just so darn versatile. With judicious tuning and muffling you can get a nice woody tone out of it. They sound great wide open and ring as well. I also like metal shell snares more for outdoor gigs as well.
  17. NobleCooleyNut

    What happened to Pearl support?

    I was told he was partly blamed for the fiasco of the Pearl e Pro Live kits that did not sell well . I was told he was asked to retire . I heard this directly from a local Pearl Dealer . I only heard it from one dealer and have not been able to corroborate this .
  18. NobleCooleyNut

    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    Lennie DiMuzio is the reason he left Zildjian for Sabian . Neil was very close with Lennie . When Lennie was let go after Armand’s death he went to Sabian . Neil followed Lennie .
  19. NobleCooleyNut

    One drum company for all of your drumming needs?

    Tama would be my choice especially now that they have the Tama Classic series hardware . They had never been on my radar until they introduced the Star Series drums and the Tama Classic series hardware . If Sonor made ultralight hardware like the Tama Classic series , Sonor would be my top...
  20. NobleCooleyNut

    Ludwig, Gretsch, Sonor Fun

    Me too Joe