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    Best Concert You’ve Seen ???

    Foo fighters and red hot chili peppers. 2001 the foos were touring in support of there is nothing left to lose and rhcp had just put out californication. Just an amazing rock show. Other great concerts I've been lucky enough to see was cheap trick and stone temple pilots Goldfinger and 311...
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    Just won a modded Supra!

    For cleaning I'd try the aluminum foil and soapy water combo. The foil is softer then the chrome so it shouldn't scratch it. Then buff the heck out of it with car polish. Check out rdavir on YouTube. He has videos that detail this cleaning method.
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    OT: My sons dental surgery

    Yup he's a tough one. Thanks.
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    Skill level vs Gear level

    This is an interesting topic. I had a buddy that I met in college and at that time he was a phenomenal drummer. Light years ahead of me. He used a cheap no name entry level kit, had a decent zildjian cymbal set up replaced the stock heads with remos, and between that and his playing he made it...
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    OT: My sons dental surgery

    Thank you all for the positive vibes. We are back home and he is doing ok. Had to have 3 molars on the bottom removed and he's a little cranky from the anesthesia but otherwise ok. Our next step is to get a test to see if he has the same gene mutation that his mother has as it affects vitamin...
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    Welcome, glad to see new members popping up.
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    Cream royal albert hall 2005

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    OT: My sons dental surgery

    Thank you
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    OT: My sons dental surgery

    Just asking for positive thoughts, prayers, karma for my 9yo this morning as he is having dental surgery. 2 teeth removed and 2 filled. His asthma and the anesthesia is what has his mom and I a little on edge.
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    Cream royal albert hall 2005

    Yes I agree. I was shifting music around on my ipod when I remembered that I had this concert so I put in on along with a bunch of other albums on Sunday and this has been the only album I've listened to since then.
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    30 yrs ago today Aerosmith played this song unplugged

    Great show. I was especially pleased when they played hangman jury. I love that song and the unplugged treatment was awesome to hear.
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    Cream royal albert hall 2005

    Just thought I'd share one of my favorite performances from this amazing concert. Clapton's solo blows me away everytime I hear this. And until today I never realized just how light a touch ginger has on that ride cymbal. Just an amazing performance imho.
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    Bit OT - Look What I Got

    Happy birthday. Awesome shirt
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    Tuning by ear vs drum dial rant...

    I've never used one. I have always tuned by ear. I dont tune my drums to any specific notes. I just make sure the high tom is higher than the low tom and that the bass drum is lower than my lowest tom. Then I crank the you-know-what out of my snare. I do make sure to put the heads in tune with...
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    Dream kit as a kid

    I have to agree with hounddog's post. I was happy with just having one to play. And now I've had the same kit for 20 years. Just a pulse percussion kit that's still going strong and sounding good for me.
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    Would you get your first kit back?

    Nope. Mine was a cheap used entry level kit that would have something break on it if you looked at it wrong. I dont even know what brand it was.
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    Which would you choose?

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    Regarding snare issue.

    Ok first im not sure if your snare is damaged or not without seeing it, so my first question is do the tensions rods go into the lugs and stay or do they just fall out. If they actually stay in and hold their tuning then you might be ok. Second since your new at this and still learning how to...
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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    I can play rolls. But with the exception of random 5 or 7 stroke rolls I dont use them that much. Mostly just in between fills but I dont think I've ever used a long sustained roll in my set playing. The last time I played long sustained rolls was in marching and concert band forever ago. I can...
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    Whats your favorite tool in your drumming toolbox?

    As the question implies, what is your favorite rudimential tool you like to use when playing, particularly fills. Mine would be using diddles in my phrasing. Either as a lead into a pattern, or thrown in the middle of a pattern to add a little texture. Diddle exercises are what I used to do in...