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    17” Bosphorus Traditional Thin - SOLD

    SOLD +
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    16” Bosphorus Traditional Thin - SOLD

    Bosphorus Traditional Series 16" Thin Crash Cymbal
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    16” Sabian HHX Evolution Crash - SOLD

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    Yamaha DTX 500 Electronic Drum Set - $750 Great condition. Pads Only, although I can provide hardware for an additional cost. Below are the used prices for all the items included. Sums up to $1100. Yamaha DTX 500 Module - $150 Yamaha TP 120 12" pad - $75 Yamaha TP 100 10" pad (x3) - $75...
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    Noble & Cooley lug screws?

    I need to remove some lugs on my CD Maple bass drum and I’m not sure what type of screwdriver to use. Anyone familiar with these? Thanks.
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    Here's a 4K-SBD mix of my funk band from 3.5 years ago

    Philadelphia area funk band that plays about 8 times a year lol....Keys player was a sub......We were opening for Tom Hamilton's American Baby's, so just my cymbals, snare, and pedal.
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    20” K Custom Dark Ride vs 21” K Sweet Ride?

    Has anyone played these side by side or have any experience using both? I’m curious to better understand the differences between the two. Thanks.
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    Looking for a 20” K Custom Medium Ride.... Found - please remove
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    DW Design Series Concert Toms - 6" & 8" $180 plus shipping
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    ISO 8” tom - preferably black but will consider others

    ISO 8” tom - preferably black but will consider others Thanks!
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    OT: affordable used guitar for my jam room?

    Ive been acquiring decent gear for my studio/jam room and Im now focusing on guitar. I picked up a used Fender Princeton Chorus amp and now Im looking for a used, versatile guitar, in the $200-$300 range. Any suggestions? Epiphone, Squier, Ibanez? Thanks in advance.
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    When did Tama stop making the Iron Cobra Flexi Glide pedal?

    Ive played these for years and have 3 or 4 of them but theyre all aging and Im going to need a new one soon. I just looked around online and dont see anyone carrying them anymore. Guess Ill have to find them lightly used...
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    What happened to user “xipa4”?

    She made thousands of posts over the last few years and I just noticed shes not here anymore.....
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    John Jab’o Starks - in Hospice with Leukemia

    I just saw this sad news on my FB feed....
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    18” K Custom Dark Crash - Sold

    18 K Custom Dark Crash Used with no issues Sold Ill get some more pics up ASAP.
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    18” A Custom Crash - $100 shipped

    18 A Custom Crash $100 shipped No serial number on this, so its likely from the late 90s early 2000s. Here are some pictures. No cracks in it, a microscopic ding on the edge of the cymbal (couldnt get a picture of it...) and a small section next to the bell where it looks like it was...
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    Audix D6 microphone - Sold

    Audix D6 microphone - used but no issues. Sold
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    3 Shure SM 57s - SOLD

    3 Shure SM57 microphones- used but no issues. Sold Ill get some pics up ASAP.
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    Used Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 20x16, 8x6, 10x7.5, 12x8, 14x12, 16x14 Cherry finish inside and out $1600 No major scratches Floor tom cradles included Some light pitting on some chrome Additional pics available if you have serious interest Id prefer not to ship, located in the...