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    What is it about remo coated ambassadors that..

    I only stopped using Remos when they wouldn't fit on my old Gretsch drums. I switched to Evans and they worked fine. I like their Coated G1s and G2s . I love Aquarian Studio-X, Hi-Energy, or Coated Texture w Power Dot for lively snare drums. My favorite tom head is the Remo Ambassador Suede for...
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    Are 18"-22" deep Bass Drums doomed to be completely undesirable?

    I've been selling most of my shell packs with the 18x22 bds because I got tired of hauling them and they barely fit through my basement walkout. I have read that longer bass drums require more oomph from your pedal because of all the air needed to make the front resonant head to respond..?
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    People still selling (and buying) gear?

    Curious about your Petty gig. In a club? Or outside where social distancing would be less of a hassle? Yours is the first I've heard of any musicians playing actual performances. I miss my gigs badly... Nothing wrong with Pearl Drums. My favorite kits are the Masters MCX. I'll play those before...