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    Oriollo/Page Frankenkit... The beginning

    I finally received my 12x8 Oriollo tom shell to start experimenting with the Page Drums free-floating cable-tensioned hardware. If all goes well, I'll order a 22x14, and 15x12-13 (haven't decided on depth yet). Here's an indoor, and outdoor pic of the bare shell... Not even a badge.
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    Finish options...

    I'm thinking about having some drums refinished. My first thought was to go with either matte white, or matte black paint. Then I saw INDe's Reso Armor finishes (which they, unfortunately, yet understandably, don't offer on drums that aren't their own), and it got me wondering... What other...
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    1924 Super Ludwig snare

    Not mine. But for sale near me.
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    WTB: Remo Gold Crown drums

    Looking for Remo Gold Crown floor toms - 14x14 and 16x16, in "Metalized Bronze" finish. Many thanks! -Chris
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    Gretsch Renown... 22"... 8 lugs?

    There's a guy on FB selling his Gretsch Renowns. He says the kick is 22". Yet it has 8 lugs (instead of the usual 10). I told him that I think it's a rewrapped/badged cheaper drum (Catalina maybe?), and that a Renown could have 8 lugs, OR be 22", but not both. But he says that it it's 22"...
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    WTT: Mapex Orion bass drum shells - Wine Burl Burst

    I have a (diameter/depth) 22x20 Orion bass drum in Wine Burl Burst lacquer finish that I would like to trade for the same, in size 20x16, 20x18, or 22x16 (in order of preference). I figure we can just trade bare shells (and hoops/ITS mounts, if you have a 20") to save on shipping charges. Hit...
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    Cheap Yamaha Hex Racks on Reverb!

    Just a heads-up for y'all... User name CYMBALFUSION is selling "mint condition" Yamaha Hex Racks on Reverb right now that were supposedly only used as floor displays... $204 (free shipping). Just buying the 2 accessory clamps, and 2 cross clamps separately would normally cost you that! Brand...
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    Interesting way to mount a Rototom (not mine)...

    What is the round part it's mounted on?
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    New "Tight" Setup: Mapex, Zildjian K, Yamaha Hex Rack

    So, recently, I've been looking to build a nice, tight little kit with a small footprint, without having to resort to using tiny drums. I decided to go with the Yamaha Hex Rack for A.) the stability, B.) its weight compared to other racks, and C.) the finish on it matched my existing Crosstown...
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    DW pedal on Facebook... What a steal!

    Seriously, how do you even do that to a pedal without some serious effort?
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    Proportional tom sizes??

    I'm currently planning a new custom kit, and I was curious if anyone has made/played a kit where all the toms/floor toms were proportionally equal. Here's what I mean... The tom size I find to be the most pleasing to my ears in any kit, in most cases, is a 12x8 (depth is 2/3 of the diameter) -...
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    PAGE cable tuned drums help?

    I bought a couple sets of Page drums a while ago. And while I like them, the sizes aren't exactly my preference, so I'm looking to cut down the shells (or get new shells) and cables on the rack toms. I've shown a couple pictures of the cable connection below. I can figure out how much I'll...
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    Very unusual TAMA Artstar II... Any info?

    I've posted this on a couple other forums with no luck. Maybe someone here knows something about this kit?... Hi, Im looking for some information/history on a set of Tama Artstar II drums that I got off craigslist. The virgin toms are 8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 14x13, 16x15, and have square...