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    10x8 Tom add on?

    So I finally got my complete gretsch blackhawk kit. Long story short, they sent the fusion instead of the standard, but the guy there was real cool about things and sent over the correct floor and rack tom, so I still have the 14x14 floor tom and 10x8 rack tom to return back. I set the kit up...
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    Got my throne and hi hat / Drumset coming tomorrow

    So I got my throne yesterday from the place I ordered my drum kit. It's a Ludwig saddle throne, the $60 one. It seems pretty nice, it has a felt seat which is real cushony. Also, they said the set should be in tomorrow :) and since I still haven't decided on cymbals yet, I decided to go to...
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    Zildjian Quick Beat High Hats?

    Is this worth it? New to the game and don't know much about cymbals. If I can get him down to $150, would this be a good deal? Anyone tried thiese cymbals b4? http://chicago.craig.../976657448.html
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    New years resolutions

    So whats ur new years resolution. Don't have one for myself, but I think I can still come up with one.
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    Ludwig Accent CS or Tama Rockstar

    Merry Christmas. New to this site, 1st post. I'm a DJ by musical trade and I used to drum when I was young, just simple beats and rythems, nothing special. I started getting the itch again. So i'm torn between either buying a new Ludwig Accent CS ($480) or a used but barley touched Tama Rockstar...