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    *Price Reduction* DW/Craviotto 6.5x13 Snare

    Great price for a nice craviotto snare and a great size to use as a main or second snare.
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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    Bump. The snare has Now been sold separately. Lowering the kit price down to 2000.
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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    Price drop to 2500. Someone make me a reasonable offer and take this off my hands.
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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    Bump. Price drop to 2600
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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    I’m in Bakersfield. I’m trying not to break the set up for now. Since these snares and sets don’t come along everyday. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.
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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    Additional pics
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    Yamaha recording custom deep aqua

    90s Yamaha recording custom in deep aqua. Sizes are 10/12/14/15/22. Also included is a deep aqua 6x14 MIJ birch custom snare, which is the same shell and finish as the drum set. Drums have a few nicks and bumps from use, but nothing major. Majority of marking is on the batter side bass drum...
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    Talk about a successful road trip...

    While you were at one beach, I was at another offloading a set and my dad was securing the pearl. Plus I had the chance to deal with two people that are a joy to do drum deals with. A win win for me as well. I still need to make the trip to grab the set, but I’m looking forward to it. Glad it...
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    Found Please Delete WTB rock tour custom Yamaha

    Update. Also looking for a Tama Artstar cordia birch from the 80s. Either set will satisfy what I’m wanting to do. 12/13/16/22 is preferred.
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    Found Please Delete WTB rock tour custom Yamaha

    Looking for a clean 12/13/16/22 Rock tour custom. Would prefer blue or yellow. If a nice set of red or black pop up, I’d be good with that too. Trying to channel my inner Manu Katche. Put a pic on for reference. I would also prefer the legged floor Tom instead of stand mounted. Thanks in advance.
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    Sold Zildjian A custom cymbal set

    Bump price lowered to 500.
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    Sale Pending 90s deep aqua Yamaha recording custom set

    Here is a few more pics. Tried to capture the markings. Also the snare. I would prefer pick up. Set is located in CA.
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    Sale Pending 90s deep aqua Yamaha recording custom set

    I have a 90s recording custom in deep aqua and the deep aqua MIJ birch custom snare. The kit is 8.5/10 and the snare is 9/10 condition wise. Sizes are 10/12/14/15/22 for the set. Bearing edges are perfect on every drum. Some small cosmetic scratches and scuffs, but nothing major. Looking for...
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    SOLD Ludwig 6.5x14 circa 79 Black Beauty really nice SOLD

    @Drummer1990 everyone wants to say other brands can blow Ludwig out of the water, but guess what? All they do is try and emulate something that has been industry standard for 60 years. You have to own one and put it through its paces before making such a bold declaration. Also consider the music...
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    Reissued Big Beat thoughts

    Happy Sunday all. What are your thoughts on the reissued big beat vistalites? I had a set of 70s red that I really liked, but was nervous to take them out due to cracking, splitting, etcetera. I really love their sound and I am considering unloading a set that is around equal value to a new...
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    Help me decide - Pearl Masters Maple Complete vs Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22

    I’d take the Ludwig. I think Pearl makes great drums, but their hardware sucks. It’s bulky and ugly. Nothing like a high end set with glorified CB700 hardware. Plus it makes the drums really heavy. That being said, classic maples are very resonant. If that’s not your thing, then go Pearl. Though...