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    This Summer Ruined Drums for My Dog

    Some of my friends have the same issue as you, but I have the opposite situation. Fortunately my big guy (who's now 12) isn't phased at all by any sound except my sneezing. Whenever I do that, he gets up and goes as far away from me as possible. He'll either leave the house if the door's open...
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    Skill level vs Gear level

    This is a guitar-based thing, but its philosophy is universally applicable: There's also Dieter Rams' "Weniger, aber besser" (less, but better) philosophy that can be applied across the board to almost every aspect of life: drums, shoes, diet, coffee makers, life choices...
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    Gretsch USA Custom

    Absolutely gorgeous and I'm guessing they'll sound just as spectacular as they look.
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    Yes I read one of his books and I thought it was interesting - but that's got nothing to do with my post, nor does his desire for privacy. His piece that I referred to was written before the tragic passings of his wife and daughter. If you read his piece, you'll note that he mentions bringing...
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    20” kick vs 22” kick

    Anysley Dunbar once remarked that he went down to open 20" bass drums when he was with Jefferson Starship because by the time he stuffed padding against the batter heads of larger bass drums (22 and/or 24), he felt the actual remaining resonating surface was only about 20" anyway. I saw him play...
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    Disclaimer: I have no dog in this fight; I do not play Gretsch drums and I respect Neil as a musician of great stature. This is simply a personal observation. I detect a whiff of umbrage and self-importance in Neil's remark "the company [Gretsch] proved surprisingly uncooperative in regard to...
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    Asking 'who's the best drummer' is the wrong question

    +1. Excellent and clearly written insight.
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    The Catman Peter Criss

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    Now THIS is a jazz kit

    With his imagination and creativity, that would have been plenty for him to shake things up. He had done it before, I'm sure he could've done it again. As Wm Ludwig Jr said, "In jazz, four drums and medium weight hardware is enough."
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    Now THIS is a jazz kit

    Speaking of head tension, I had an unexpected surprise when Billy Cobham let me walk around his Yamaha kit before a Jazz Is Dead sound check back in the '90s. He was using fiberskyn heads on the toms and when I pressed my finger down on each of the batter heads to see how tight they were, they...
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    The symmetry thing is an optical illusion: the center of the drum set is the snare drum, not the bass drum. True multi-tom symmetry would be two bass drums with two toms between them and a floor tom on either side (a la Ludwig's Blue Note drum set in their mid-60s-era catalogs). I suspect that...
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    As a kid Buddy was god to me - fast fast fast fast fast. And flashy. And cocky. During one cruise-through at the local music store, I nabbed a Rogers flyer with this color photo of Buddy on the cover: The inside of the foldout flyer had a photo of a snazzy Rogers outfit and also this cropped...
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    Why are floor toms usually in square sizes?

    I don't know why floor toms are usually in square sizes, all I know is, square sizes don't sound very good to me. My current kits have 12x14 and 14x16 floor toms, respectively. Before that, when I ordered new drum sets, I specified 12x14 and 13x16. The 13x16 was matched with two short stack rack...
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    OT - Dee's Got Some Pipes!

    Saw him with Widowmaker in '91 with the great and criminally underrated Joe Franco on drums. Joe can play some drums - he described himself as "a basher with chops."
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    Any Pearl drums enthusiasts? What’s your opinion on Pearl?

    Shells aside and focusing on Pearl's hardware for a moment, I know the general consensus here is that the Pearl mounting system is fugly, invasive, etc., but to my way of thinking it's extremely reliable and simple. I never considered using it until I bought a used beater kit whose toms wore...
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    Johnny Cash drummer on Glen Campbell Show 1970's - WS Holland

    I think he was self-taught, so probably he just set them up and played the way that felt most comfortable to him - kinda like Stan Levey. Holland recalls asking Carl Perkins: "Why did you ask me to go with you to Memphis to record, knowin' I'd never played, I couldn't play, didn't know how to...
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    20” kick vs 22” kick

    I'm of the "wow, the Beatles are on Ed Sullivan" generation. My first pro drum set was a used Ludwig Super Classic with a 14x22 bass (I"m old school with the dimensions), and when someone says "drum set," I always picture a Ludwig Super Classic. I mainly used 22's most of my playing life, but in...
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    Does anyone care which way logos face on drumheads?

    I have no OCD about this at all. I favor practicality, so I use logo placement as a marker to help me set up quicker. On the snare drum the logo aligns with the throwoff. On the rack tom the logo aligns with the mount. On the floor tom it aligns with the one leg that is set lower than the other...
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    OT - Favorite Movie Theme Songs

    Chaiyya Chaiyya was in the opening of Inside Man, but this is the real deal: