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    Favorite drum hardware.

    I'm using vintage Rogers swivo era single & double braced cymbal stands.Because I can mount two cymbals to a stand.I also have a Rogers Memri Loc Supreme Hi Hat stand.My snare stand is an old Pearl that looks like a Ludwig copy(buck rogers style).The base has a smaller footprint than Ludwig or...
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    It's National One-Hit Wonder Day. Post Your Favorite Drum-Heavy Chart-Toppers

    Hot Smoke & Sassafrass - Bubble Puppy
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    Hi Dude, shipping cost to Deerfield Beach,Fl. 33441?

    Hi Dude, shipping cost to Deerfield Beach,Fl. 33441?
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    vintage 1976 Ludwig 20" floor tom in walnut cortex - $399

    How much to ship to Deerfield Beach Fl. 33441
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    Patrick McGoohan

    Before The Prisoner ,he was Secret Agent
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    Mystery acrylic drum set at Goodwill

    The original acrylic drum company
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    Why Is Ringo Always The Question?

    For those of you that were too young or weren't born yet,The Beatles were the last entertainment phenomenon,period.Kind of like Haley's Comet,only you'll never,ever see one again.The closest you'll get to understanding is to watch video of them when they first came to the US.But still,you won't...
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    Your Latest Purchases

    14" 2002 Paiste Sound Edge Hats(used) 1965 Ludwig 10x15 Champagne sparkle snare(bowtie lugs) new heads,wires,hoop
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    Classic Rock......really???

    In south Florida,we have a FM station 105.9 Classic Rock.It's playlist is a joke,the same old,same old ,day in day out.They're playing Buffet,grunge & MOR Top 40 songs(with some classic rock mixed in).Their format is just about like what AM was in the 1960's.Ughh!
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    What's Up With The Hi Hat, Bro? (Rick Beato rant)

    Fake drum tracks,fake music,I hate that sh&t.Most of todays music scene is a bunch of garbage.Sorry state.
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    Rusty screws and washers - looking for opinions/help

    a great product called The Must for Rust
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    Snare Strands. What are you using?

    Less is more,try 12 strand(Tama).You'll be amazed.
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    New remo muffling devices

    home made zero ring & rubber cement
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    Were you around for the Ludwig Blue/Olive logo change?

    The reasoning for the badge change was, to signify the company went from, The Ludwig Drum Company to Ludwig Industries.They became more diversified.
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    Most Favorite Cover Songs To Play

    Nowhere Man Sister Golden Hair
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    Drum shoes for summer?

    I went searching for a comfortable sneaker online,I looked at all kinds,but what narrowed my search was my foot size.I wear an 8/12 to 9,but my width is a 4E.I found these great NewBalance nylon mesh running shoes(in black).When they arrived,I picked up the box & it felt empty.The lighter the...
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    Chromecast Products...

    I bought a 14 x 24 bass bag.Got a real good deal on it.I'm thoroughly impressed with the materials & craftsmanship of it.Even came with a compartment for a spare head.Also has a faux fur lining.
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    Ludwig snare cord issues

    Looks as though the hole on the left appears jagged.Filing it down should do the trick.
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    drum dots, drum tacs, moon gel?

    what ever happened to homemade zero rings? I use rubber cement to keep them on.Doller store window clings are so cheap & work great.
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    Tama Classic Bass Drum Pedal?

    I have two and really like them.No squeaking & no stripped parts.Would've liked to have gone for the Rogers,but couldn't justify the cost.