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    Calf skin heads

    I want to try some calf skin heads. Hoping for pros and cons on their use. Any suggestions on which brands are best.
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    Ringo’s Drum tech

    I’m hoping someone can lead me to any information about Ringo’s drum tech. It appears that Jeff Ocheltree was Bonhams and there is plenty of videos and info on him. I would love any insight on Ringo.
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    Ludwig classic maple

    What year did Ludwig introduce the Classic Maple 7 ply,all maple,45 degree bearing edge drum shell?
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    Canopus rfm

    I’m considering a Canopus rfm Kit but would like some info. Can anyone tell me how many plies are in the shells, shell thickness and number of plies in the re-rings. From what I understand the size of the drum determines these factors. I want a 15x22,13x9 and 16x15 configuration. I’ve actually...
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    Yamaha maple custom

    Prefer 20” bass, 12” tom and 16” floor tom (with legs)
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    Ludwig Tambourine tuning rods

    Does anyone know where to buy/find the tuning rods for an old Ludwig 10” wood tambourine? There are four on it now I’m not sure how many were there when it was new. I would like to have four more if I can find them.
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    Mounting a tambourine

    I’ve got an old Ludwig tambourine that is like to mount off my Pearl drum rack. What are some good options?
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    Quiet cymbal

    I need a “QUIET” ride cymbal. I’m playing in a very unforgiving room, the acoustics are terrible. At the present time I’m using a Zildjian K Con medium thin low 20” or a Zildjian trans stamp 18”. Even after trying different types of muffling and using all the technique I know these two cymbals...
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    Yamaha maple custom

    I’m looking for a 20,12,16(floor tom).
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    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

    I need a YMCA or YMC 20” bass drum. Anybody got one?
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    Canopus Rfm opinions

    I’m considering an Rfm kit. Anyone with opinions about them?
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    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x18 bass drum

    Want to trade my Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x18 bass drum for YMCA or YMC 14x20 or 16x24 bass drum. It is piano black and I would rate condition a 7 out of 10.
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    Buying from Canada

    I’m considering a kit purchase from Canada. Will there be any other cost incurred besides the listed price of the item on Reverb?
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    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x20 Bass drum

    I’m looking for a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x20 bass drum. In the vintage natural finish.
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    Pearl Mahogany drums

    Will someone fill me in on the Pearl Mahogany drums? From what I understand they’re not produced anymore. I’m not familiar with the pearl drum models so any help would be appreciated.
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    24” bass drum

    After reading some threads from Rick P and Dan RH I’m considering a 24” bass drum. I’m concerned that the 12x 8 rack tom might be too high to reach it comfortably. Just wondering if I mount the rack tom from a drum rack if it would be more ergonomically efficient than using a snare stand or...
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    Tung Oil questions

    I removed the wrap from a Yamaha Manu Katche Hip Gig kit that was wrinkled. It’s made from luan mahogany I applied a first coat of Mineral spirits and Tung Oil at a 70/30 dilution. Waited 24 hours then a second coat of Tung Oil and mineral spirits at a 50/50 rate. Waited about 72 hours then...
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    Yamaha Maple Custom or Absolute

    Want to buy a maple custom or absolute 14x 20 or 22 bass drum and 16” floor tom. Either together or orphans. Non nuevo lugs. Consider any finish.
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    Yamaha Maple custom Absolute 18x14

    The drum is in excellent condition. Solid black color includes the duck foot. $700.00 plus shipping.
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    WTT Yamaha Maple custom Absolute 18x14 for YMCA 24” bass drum

    I have a pristine YMCA 18x14 bass drum will swap for YMCA 24x14 or 16.