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    Gold DW lugs, claws, and mounts

    Legs and mounts sold. Claws and lugs still available.
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    Gold DW lugs, claws, and mounts

    Sale pending on legs and mounts.
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    Gold DW lugs, claws, and mounts

    Close up of leg.
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    Gold DW lugs, claws, and mounts

    DW drum parts. Gold plated. From 2018 drum. I swapped them for chrome, so the mounting screws and chrome t-rods had to be reused on my kit. I do not know what the gold items go for, so I set it ballpark-ish what the chrome parts cost me. I am open to offers Bass drum lugs. $10 per lug. 16...
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    Refurb on mid90s DW kit - questions for builders/refurbishers

    DW lugs show up on eBay. You’d have to buy chrome ones as plating is very expensive, but you could have yours stripped and re-powder coated. I tried stripping a set of snare lugs at home once with lack luster results and ended up media blasting them to remove residue. I’d get a quote from a...
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    Ludwig Supra 6.5” bare shell? Any stainless shell? Looking for shells to use with floating chassis

    I kicking around the idea of trying a few new things. One was a Supra shell in my Pearl FFS chassis. Another was to try a stainless shell. Not a collectors piece, just an experiment!
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    Ruby Glass DWs

    Looking for ruby glass dws. I can always use a few more
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    How resilient is Trick’s powder coat on bass drum riser?(shipping damage question)

    Trick did get back to me right away- top notch outfit! Of course it’s tough for them to gage without seeing it in person, but he did vouch for the strength of their coatings. Glad to hear the real world feedback as well . I’ll keep you guys posted as to how it turns out.
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    How resilient is Trick’s powder coat on bass drum riser?(shipping damage question)

    Recently I received a Trick bass drum lift. Unfortunately it did not fare so well in the hands of UPS and the “ears” got tweaked. It seems as if the best way to get it all back “on plane” is to put it in a hydraulic press and put the pressure to it. My question/concern is this: when flexing...
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    Joey Kramer

    I saw you guys in Peoria during the “Honkin’ on Bobo” tour.“ (May of ‘04ish???) Great show and both bands were on top of their game!
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    Red-orange burst mismatch between 2 toms... any way to fix?

    I have a random question... Back in ‘04, during the online kit builder craze, I had a Keller shelled / ego lugged kit built. The drums are a nice red/orange burst, but you can tell the 14” Tom was done separate from the others as the red is just a touch deeper. The finish was alcohol soluble...
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    Today’s YouTube find: Cheap Trick- "I Want You to Want Me" Inside the Song w/ Jack Douglas-Warren Huart

    ...interesting breakdown on where the concert recordings took place and how they got the drum sound.
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    Ruby red glass wrap (dw specific color)

    Do any “insiders” have a way to get the ruby glass wrap that dw uses?
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Ruby glass dw’s. Always looking to expand the fleet
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    Head suggestion- 2x 12’s turned into concert toms, how to make sound different?

    Anyone have 2x toms on their kit the same size? How do you make them sound different, but appropriate relative to each other? Long story short... I got a deal on 2x pdp concept maple shells, but they’re both 12” dia x 9” deep. I have repurposed them into concert toms. In the interim I have a...
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    Blind test dw maple birch comparison

    I own a dw collectors series in both Birch and maple. In person, with me tuning (ha ha), youd be hard pressed to tell a difference!
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    8” Pearl Crystal Beat (frosted)/HB case/Pearl arm: $200

    Like new Pearl Crystal Beat in frosted color. Like new! Planned to make into mini snare for the kiddos, but ended up getting a complete 10 ready to go. Will ship with a hard HB case and Pearl arm. Located in suburban Chicago,but will ship/split shipping costs!
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    DW 5000 Single Pedal with Dual Springs Vs. Other DW 5000 Pedals

    DW catalog, interstate music, and mass music all had it. Was out in the mid/late 90s for sure.
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    DW 5000 Single Pedal with Dual Springs Vs. Other DW 5000 Pedals The pedal looked like that but with a spring in the normal right position as well to the as-shown left