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    Rogers Bass Drum Sizes

    I was wondering if anyone knew all the sizes that Rogers made their bass drums in for a kit? I got a 20" Big R Rogers floor tom and wanted to see what kind of kit it likely came from. I'm hoping Rogers made a 26" bass drum (or bigger) to match such a huge floor tom, but everything i was able to...
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    Question about Ludwig Super-Sensitive's

    Hey everyone, just wanted to see if anyone had an idea of the holes sizes for the Ludwig Super-Sensitive 5" vs 6.5"? I know the 5" uses the P70 throw and 6.5" uses the P71, but I wasn't able to tell if the dimensions of the holes were different. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Anyone Familiar with Rogers 20" Floor Tom?

    Hey everyone, My one friend has a Rogers 20" Floor tom he has for sale and was willing to sell it to me. I was considering it since I already have my oversized 70s Ludwig kit (28" converted bass drum, 18" AND 20" floor tom, and 14" rack Tom). I considering adding the Rogers 20" floor tom to my...
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    Restoring 70s Ludwig Marching Snare

    Hey everyone, new to the thread but long time reader. I bought a 70s Aluminum Ludwig Marching Snare 15"x12". I'm going to be using it as the snare on my kit. It has both rims and an internal muffler. It doesn't have the heads, snare wires, throw mechanism, lugs, or tension rods. Does anyone...