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    OT: My sons dental surgery

    Just asking for positive thoughts, prayers, karma for my 9yo this morning as he is having dental surgery. 2 teeth removed and 2 filled. His asthma and the anesthesia is what has his mom and I a little on edge.
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    Cream royal albert hall 2005

    Just thought I'd share one of my favorite performances from this amazing concert. Clapton's solo blows me away everytime I hear this. And until today I never realized just how light a touch ginger has on that ride cymbal. Just an amazing performance imho.
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    Whats your favorite tool in your drumming toolbox?

    As the question implies, what is your favorite rudimential tool you like to use when playing, particularly fills. Mine would be using diddles in my phrasing. Either as a lead into a pattern, or thrown in the middle of a pattern to add a little texture. Diddle exercises are what I used to do in...
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    Style of drumming you listen to vs how you play.

    So I'm not sure if this is common or not but the preferred music I listen to in no way reflects my playing style. My absolute favorite band is rush, so you all know how crazy busy neil's drumming is and that while it fits perfectly for their music he doesn't always play syncopated or relaxes...
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    Neil Peart fans

    So I got stuck in. YouTube wormhole the other day and discovered a recent crop of videos of drum cam only footage of Neil playing various songs and even some improvised solos in warm ups. Most of the footage I've seen appears to be taken from the time machine tour, but it is truly a sight to see...
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    Zen drumming

    Frustration abound. You ever hit a point where your jamming, practicing, or playing with others and your in a trance like state and you pull off a great fill, combo or groove and when you go to recreate it it's just lost to you. I have done this so many times then I'm just ticked that I wasn't...
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    Interesting story about the trixxon drum set.

    So I've seen the trixxon drum set before and was always curious behind why the bass drum was shaped the way it was. I decided to finally research it to find out why the bass drum looks like its melting and its because in the original design it had a divider in the middle of the bass drum and it...
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    Worst stage you ever played on.

    Not the worst gig you ever played but just the worst stage you ever gigged on. I have 2 stories to start this one off. We played a club in fort Walton beach Florida called the java pit. The stage was only about 8 inches off the floor and it was made up of a bunch of mini platforms that seemed to...
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    Favorite youtube drum personalities.

    So I whatch a lot of YouTube videos of drummers and have my favorites of course. My 3 top ones are Stephen Taylor, rdavidr and Harry Mirree. Who are some of your favorites? Whether it be for learning or just for fun?
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    Wood vs metal snare?

    So what is your preference in snare materials? Wood or metal. Unfortunately I haven't played very many wood snares so in my limited opinion I much prefer the sensitivity and crack that a metal snare can give me. My primary snare is a 3x13 pearl steel piccolo, paired with the Evan's 2ply genera...
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    Drumless tracks app for android

    So I discovered an app today on my google play store called Backing Track Play Music. It's an app with popular songs that have an instrument or voice omitted from the track so that you can play along with it. It is mostly rock, metal, and classic rock stuff but enough material that you can play...
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    Recording to an android phone over usb.

    So I want to make some basic recordings with my ekit onto my phone. I'm wanting to use some drumless tracks off of YouTube and make some recordings so I can listen back and critique myself. Problem is I'm not extremely technical so when it comes to daws and things like that I dont have the...
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    1st song you ever learned

    So what is the very 1st song you ever learned on drums? Whether it was perfectly played or not. And did it excite you to actually re-create it on your kit or were you just learning it due to a teacher or instructor told you to to help your timing and technique. The 1st full song I ever learned...
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    Drumeads to facemasks.

    Thought that this was worth a share. Just one more ingenious way to use a drumhead.
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    New youtube channel i found.

    I'm sure some of you may have seen this channel already but this guy has groove a chops for days. His YouTube channel is called Groovedrummin. Below is the 1st video I found but he has several others that are both solo and doing covers with a band. Really good stuff to listen to and take ideas from.
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    On the fly drum repairs.

    I was in guitar center the other day and this woman had came in with her son's bass drum pedal. The tension spring on the side had either been lost or broken, not sure which. Anyway her son had taken several rubberband and looped them between the top and bottom connecting pieces of the bass drum...
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    "Embarrasing" music you were a fan of.

    So I heard about this topic on something I was watching that some people go through a phase of music that they might be kind of embarrassed to admit to. Wander if any of you have those phases in your life. I feel as musicians we may not though because there is always an oppertunity to learn...
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    Something i want to try.

    So I just got a new ekit and am not satisfied with the hi hat pedal. Its plastic and doesn't seem to respond very well. Its a simmons sd350 AP I know that its entry level and limited to just open and closed sounds. What I wanted to try was to take my old rockband bass pedal as its metal and...
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    Your favorite full album

    So what is your favorite full album. The one that even if you just try to listen to one song you just have to hear the album in its entirety because it's just that good from front to back. Mine is Wasting Light by the Foo Fighters. And my favorite way to hear it is this clip below. It's just...
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    Simmons sd350 hi hat controller

    So I'm a complete newbie to electronic drums. I just got a simmons sd350 ekit and I'm not a fan of the hi hat pedal. 1st of all, it's plastic, 2nd the spring does not snap back very well and finally trying to find that spot between fully opened and tightly closed is near impossible. Is there...