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  1. wacky wrap

    Vintage Ludwig floorTom

    For sale 1968 vintage Ludwig floor Tom 16 x 16 gold sparkle. Clear maple interiors, Keystone badge, the floor Tom is in good shape the chrome is nice the wrap is fairly clean and a bright color . It is missing it's muffler . But other than that it's in great shape. I'm asking 350 or best offer...
  2. wacky wrap


    Hello I have this nice players re-wrap 6 lug pioneer snare up for grabs check it out . SOLD
  3. wacky wrap


    Hi i'm looking for a Slingerland 1970'S silver and black badge, purple sparkle kit and or snare. 22-13-16 or 20-12-14 or 22 12- 13- 16 i'm looking for clean items, but I will take a look at anything. Willing to pay a fair price, thanks
  4. wacky wrap


    I'm looking for a Slingerland 1970's black and silver badge 16x16 floor tom in green sparkle. I have a super clean 22-12-13 kit with matching snare . all I need is the floor tom help please .
  5. wacky wrap

    Leedy vintage 1950' to 1960's

    I'm looking for 1950's to the 1960's leedy kits and snares, mardi gras, silver veil , aqua veil, green sparkle, hard to find colors, I will look at items in any condition but of course I perfer mint thanks.
  6. wacky wrap

    rogers mardi gras

    hi i'm looking for some original rogers mardi gras inlay for a 20" hoop or 2 complete hoops with the inlay already intact.
  7. wacky wrap


    I'm interested in buying Drum memorabilia such as, store displays, catalogs , banners, original photo's of drummers, from the 1940's to the 1970's
  8. wacky wrap


    Wanted I'm looking for vintage bongo's and conga's LUDWIG, ROGERS , SLINGERLAND, GRETSCH, SONOR , PREMIER . from the 1950's to the 1970's I am also looking for stands and parts such as the wood block that go's between a pair of ludwig ( see photo ) i'm willing to look at items in any condition...
  9. wacky wrap

    Vintage Ludwig clubdate SOLD SOLD For sale vintage 1960's Ludwig club date 3 piece drum set Sizes are 12'' ride tom, 14'' floor tom and 20'' bass drum The wrap is original champagne sparkle and in good shape with minor rubs and descoloring it does have a dent in the wrap...
  10. wacky wrap

    Slingerland veil, fiesta, sparkling white

    Hi I'm looking to buy Slingerland black and gold badge kits and snares in any of these wraps. silver veil . aqua veil , sparkling white pearl, gold veiled ebony, fiesta pearl, lavender satin flame, sparking purple pearl, sparkling maroon pearl, looking for clean drums but willing to look...
  11. wacky wrap

    Wanted Ludwig Keystone Snares

    Hi, I'm looking for some hard to find ludwig keystone snares, 6 or 8 lugs pink oyster, black galaxy , burgundy sparkle, green sparkle, mod orange , citrus mod. I also am looking for downdeat snares of any colors. I'm willing to pay a fair price or trade I have lots on vintage drums for...