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  1. andlours

    POLL: Sabian Logo Fallout - Still Buying Their Cymbals?

    Hey everyone, I know there was a lot of discussion about Sabian's new logo on here when they first launched their re-branding effort. The general consensus seemed to be that most disliked the new logo and people were unhappy with the new marketing direction. I fell squarely in this camp. A few...
  2. andlours

    My Very Oddly Specific Ludwig Snare Collection

    Over the past few years, I somehow have found and acquired a pre-serial badge, nickel hardware, gold sparkle Ludwig school festival snare and downbeat snare. I was lucky and in the right place at the right time and got both these drums essentially for free on two separate occasions. I've liked...
  3. andlours

    Zildjian Experts: Help Me Date My Old New Beats

    Hey guys, I got these New Beat hi-hats with a late 70s Ludwig kit i picked up over a year ago. Initially I thought they were from the late 70s like the drums, but after poking around online, the stamp looks a bit too large to be late 70s and the interior ink stamp didn't seem to line up. All...
  4. andlours

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    Just recently finished up a matching 10" x16" bass drum for my transition badge downbeat kit. I used a 69 timp tom, plugged any extra holes with plugs cut from a rocker shell, and wrapped it in jet black. I used gold sparkle inlays on the hoops to match my snare, but I may switch over to silver...
  5. andlours

    WTT: Ludwig Mini Classic Lugs for Large Classic Lugs

    Somehow I've managed to acquire a lot of mini classic lugs over the years. All of them are from the late '70s and early '80s. I have a project I'm working on now and I need 8 large classic lugs. Anyone willing to swap over some large classic lugs for mini classic lugs? PM me if you're...
  6. andlours

    WTB: Paiste Giant Beat 18" or 19" and 20" Crashes

    Hey guys, I'm looking to but an 18" or 19" and 20" Paiste Giant beat crashes to complete my "Bonham" cymbal setup. I've checked out Reverb and Ebay, but prices for used cymbals are a bit outrageous on both of those. Seems like the asking prices have only been about $30 less than new retail...
  7. andlours

    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    I just picked this downbeat kit up from the 2nd owner who bought it in the late 60s. He knew what he had, but wanted to sell it quickly and let it go for just about half of the going price of only the snare. I don't know of I'll ever find another deal this good...
  8. andlours

    WTB: Ludwig/WFL Gold Sparkle New Yorker Bass Drum

    Here's another longshot wanted add, but I figure I'll try. I recently finished putting together a pre serial Ludwig gold sparkle super classic kit. I've always loved 12" deep bass drums (I have a 12x18 and 12x20 with other kits) and I would love to find a gold sparkle New Yorker (12" x 22") to...
  9. andlours

    Anyone know anything about Sonor Rotary Timpani?

    Well, I was cruising craigslist and saw an ad for 13" and 18" Sonor rotary timpani. They were priced right, so i snagged em. I figured i couldn't go wrong with made in Germany Sonor drums. I haven't had time to mess with them too much, but basically they're tuned by rotating the drum: clockwise...
  10. andlours

    WTT: '65 Sky Blue Pearl Pioneer for Gold Sparkle Pioneer

    I know this is a long shot, but I have an excellent condition Ludwig sky blue pioneer snare that I'd like to trade for a pre-serial number gold sparkle pioneer with nickel hardware. Here are the specs of my drum: Year: 1965 Hardware: Nickel Hoops: Snare side - NOB; Batter - NOS Muffler: White...
  11. andlours

    WTB: WFL Cymbal Arm Bracket

    Looking to buy the part that the rod actually inserts in. I have the bottom part of the bracket and the wingnut. I just need the "U" shaped piece that clamps on the rod. Thanks!
  12. andlours

    WTB: 60s Gold Sparkle Wrap Scraps

    I recently bought an early 60s Ludwig gold sparkle kit with a few extra holes I would like to patch. Unfortunately, all the modern gold sparkle wrap is too orange in tone. If anybody has a few small pieces from a project drum, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!
  13. andlours

    Picked Up a Ringo Bass Drum

    I was recently cruising through Craigslist when I saw an add for a "mix drum set". It included 8"x12" and 14"x14" Sonor Force 2005 all birch toms as well as a 1965 black oyster pearl 14"x20" Ludwig bass drum. The seller had it for a very reasonable price and I picked it up that day. I haven't...
  14. andlours

    SOLD: Paiste 20" 602 Flat Ride and 14" Sound Edge Hats

    I'm looking to sell my 20" 602 flat ride and 14" 602 sound edge hi hats. Both are in great condition. These are beautiful cymbals, but they just don't blend with my Sabian collection as I would like. I'm looking to sell these for 50% of street price plus shipping. Flat Ride: $250 + shipping...
  15. andlours

    Vintage Sky Blue Pearl vs. Modern Ludwig Wrap

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a modern Ludwig classic maple snare in sky blue pearl. Here are a couple pictures comparing it to my '65 Pioneer in sky blue to show the differences between the vintage and modern wrap. I definitely prefer the vintage, un-faded wrap to the modern stuff.
  16. andlours

    Best House Drum Set for a Church

    I've been tasked with helping my local church pick out a drum set for their auditorium. It's a large sized room that holds roughly 900 people. The church only wants a 4 piece kit and is trying to keep the price around $2k for just the drums (no cymbals, hardware, etc.). My thoughts were to get a...
  17. andlours

    I Bought a Set of Ludwig S/L Drums

    I recently stumbled on a full Ludwig S/L set for $150 on craigslist. The drums looked like they'd seen better days, but all the hardware (classic/mini classic lugs, club date spurs) looked nice and I figured I could always part it out to recoup my money if need be. All the drums have pointy...
  18. andlours

    Review: My INDe Bop Kit - Not Just Hype

    A little of my background: I didn't know anything about INDe until I became active on this forum. I really didn't buy the hype and the thought of buying and INDE kit never crossed my mind. I have a little bit of a gear obsession and always like trying new things which means buying and selling...
  19. andlours

    FS: Full Set of Sabian Crescent Hammertone Cymbals

    I'm looking to sell my full set of Crescent by Sabian Hammertone cymbals. These cymbals were developed with Jeff Hamilton and are absolutely gorgeous. I've loved owning these cymbals, but I'm just not playing them enough to justify keeping them. They are all in excellent condition with no damage...
  20. andlours

    WTB: 6 Ludwig Single Tension Eyelets

    I'm working on a picollo snare drum project and don't think I'll have enough room to fit a full length lug. Does anyone have any of the original Ludwig single tension eyelets kicking around? I would prefer chrome, but nickel works too.