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  1. JonC

    14” K Hi Hat Bottom

    I have one! PM me at your convenience. Thanks! Jon
  2. JonC

    SOLDLudwig 60`s Blue Oyster Pearl 12-16-20

    Ive seen this kit in person and its a winner! Upstanding seller, too. Win-Win!!!
  3. JonC

    Jeff Porcaro Tribute

    Hop- There are links to plenty more in the description of this video. John also slays on Georgy Porgy and I Keep Forgettin! Check em out!!
  4. JonC

    Jeff Porcaro Tribute

    jaymandude! Much respect for owning what we all are guilty of WAY more than any of us want to admit! I totally get being invested in these tunes! You are probably well aware of as a listener of the podcast that Jeff is my guy!! This show and the spirit surrounding it was beyond my wildest...
  5. JonC

    Jeff Porcaro Tribute

    Appreciate the FAR more respectful opinion than previously posted. I produced this show and let each drummer interpret the songs as they felt. I know this would have been Jeffs preference and, more importantly than the notes, the intention of this show was to bring our music community of vastly...
  6. JonC

    Jeff Porcaro Tribute

    A bunch of my talented friends here in Atlanta got together to do a tribute to the incomparable Jeff Porcaro this past Monday night. It was an absolute gas and featured Lil John Roberts (Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson), Scott Meeder (Atlanta Session Ace), Mark Cobb, Ganesh Giri Jaya and yours...
  7. JonC

    Ludwig black diamond pearl BD

    I have a 14x22. Let me dig it out and get some pics to you.
  8. JonC

    13” K Zildjian Istanbul Hi Hats

    I have no idea what these are worth and want no part of a debate. I put them up at what I think is a reasonable reserve for the market to determine. Hope thats OK!
  9. JonC

    13” K Zildjian Istanbul Hi Hats

    I just threw these up on EBay. Certainly worth watching!! 588/635 grams
  10. JonC

    Alesis Sample Pad 4 *SOLD*

    PM sent
  11. JonC

    Help with Zildjian stamp

    And thank you so much, zenstat! Always appreciate your expertise and willingness to help! Jon
  12. JonC

    Help with Zildjian stamp

    Here's another. Any clue, fellas?
  13. JonC

    Help with Zildjian stamp

    I can never narrow these down! ???? What era/age is this? Very small hole and a hammered look to it. Thanks, Jon
  14. JonC

    Tower of Power drummer???

    I saw them with Herman last week and he killed it! He and Rocco are really tight and the singer, Marcus Scott, is the best since Lenny Williams in my opinion. You'll love it!
  15. JonC

    OT - For You Donald Fagen and Young Nightflyers Fan....

    I just saw this band last night and they flat-out killed it! Exceptionally mature musically for as young as they are and clearly Donald was enjoying it. All really nice fellas, too. If you get the chance, catch this show!
  16. JonC

    Zildjian 15" K Light Hi Hats (2 weeks old) SOLD

    PM sent
  17. JonC

    18" Zildjian K Thin Dark Crash SOLD

    PM sent
  18. JonC

    Gretsch New Classic Drums

    I know someone with a 22-12-16 in Merlot Sparkle. PM me for info. Jon
  19. JonC

    Drummer's Weekly Groovecast Giveaway

    If you haven't checked it out already, I'd like to invite you to check out my friend Phil Smith and I's podcast called Drummer's Weekly Groovecast. We chat about all kinds of stuff including gigging, gear, attitude, psychology, and professionalism, along with an occasional interview. Just a...
  20. JonC

    22" Gloss Black BD Hoops

    Looking for either one Gibraltar 22" Black Gloss bass drum hoop or a clean pair of any other 22" black gloss hoops. I have a lot of nice vintage hoops to trade or cash. Thanks! Jon