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  1. davidh

    Would you get your first kit back?

    Yes, and I did - last year my 1968 Premier oyster bop set bought new when I was 18 returned after 50 years
  2. davidh

    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    Most recently has been with no toms at all which I really enjoy.. I remember starting with one 12" and a bass drum after 2 years marching snare only and managed the extra tom ok. Then a few years later a 16" but I never fully incorporated it much - so after 60 years I seem to be going...
  3. davidh

    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    Prince Charles
  4. davidh

    Elvin nailed it ......

    I saw Elvin Jones wife Keiko do this hammer trick at Ronnie Scott's in London... it was very cool as she was petite and hit hard with the hammer... very sexy.. then Elvin would come on and play so loud the drums would almost fall to bits
  5. davidh

    Premier HiFi

    inches are inches everywhere - I think more interesting that 16" and bigger was a more European standard for marching drums and field drums ( still is in your US traditional rope tension world) but shrank to 14" in the UK and US for most orchestral and military drums... of course with vellum...
  6. davidh

    Premier HiFi

    this has standard 14" Remos top and bottom - a 14 is a 14 is a 14 in my experience with Premier
  7. davidh

    Premier HiFi

    Now a short ratttattattattat in 6/8 time mostly - scottish pipe band stuff new to me but from 1961 or so - a ten lug, cast hoop, wood shell Hi Fi - identical to my first drum bought in 1962
  8. davidh

    Vintage Premier: Choosing heads

    Coated ambassadors top and bottom on my 68 premier bops as that is the closest to what they came with - though maybe coated diplomats might be closer. Everplay heads were thin
  9. davidh

    Premier vintage bop play-along

    Vintage 1968 lockdown play-along to a MIDI track I wrote from scratch with Lilypond - an old fashioned but very useful programming language...
  10. davidh

    Charlie Watts' Hybrid Drums Last Night!

    good opportunity to see his linear technique - great flams too - super cool
  11. davidh

    Mitch Mitchell Drum Kits History, Photos??

    that Premier "tiger stripe" tom was a 14x8 same size as Keith Moon used
  12. davidh

    Roger Taylor kits

    Trixon a German brand.. which is exactly correct for the time and place
  13. davidh

    Simon Kirke's Gretsch kit used on BC recordings.

    I saw Free in 1970 shortly after "All Right Now" - he played a Hayman set and hit them blisteringly hard. Funnily enough in 1969 I was browsing, as you do, in Drum City in London and Simon Kirke was there choosing cymbals having just gotten a record deal and advance - he asked me to help by...
  14. davidh

    Tama Classic HP50 Pedal

    I have one which I really like along with the Tama classic lightweight stands
  15. davidh

    Carter McLean on how to tune a drum set

    Thought they sounded fine then he fiddled about and ruined them
  16. davidh

    New, beginner and have some questions.

    I learned traditional grip for pipe band marching in 1960 long before the modern suspension carriers, the drum fell from the sling at an angle so you had to use that grip or your left elbow would jab the bloke next to you. When I got a set about 1965 I kept playing that style but most rock...
  17. davidh

    Just a random question (ludwig breakbeats)

    The were a bit thin to give much knock protection and the drawstrings got tangled up easily but a good idea not that well executed.. ok if you are super careful. I got some Stagg brand bags.. not sure if they are sold anywhere but Europe. Most cheap bags nowadays have cheap zippers that fail so...
  18. davidh

    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    My favourite and my only snare is this Dec 31st 1968 Acro ... they worked on New Years Eve?... maybe the last with a P83.. remember seeing one in a shop in 1962 and thought it looked more like a cooking pan...
  19. davidh

    Dream BOP kit....

    Premier 18x12,14x14,12x8 bought new in 1968... sold in 1970... but found again a couple of years ago
  20. davidh

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    1961 school pipe band