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  1. drumbum38

    Has anyone ever heard of Matt Barrick?

    No, I had not heard of him. I watched the whole clip but I didn't see a "huge" drum part nor anything I would consider ridiculous. To each his own of course. It was solid though.
  2. drumbum38

    Pics of my 69 Ludwig SS Hollywood Set

    All around beautiful set. The matching snare is sweet and I really dig the cowbell stand. Nice! Very cool story too. Thanks for sharing.
  3. drumbum38

    Players who look like they're enjoying themselves

    Taylor Hawkins
  4. drumbum38

    Derek Munson thinks he's John Bonham...

    That was outstanding! I watched the "official vid" (on YT @ 480p fwiw). Have not watched the drum cam (yet). I dug it so much I subscribed immediately afterward. I look forward to checking out the other stuff later. I loved everything about it! The mix was great, the video itself was great...
  5. drumbum38

    First Youtube Video

    :shock: :notworthy: That was killer! I'll be watching that one again soon. Great finish dude. I rewound the last 30 seconds, and then the last 15 again. NICE. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to future vids.
  6. drumbum38

    Gretsch Renown 57

    They are on the Gretsch site. Here's the link to them... Here's a link to one of the previous threads about them...
  7. drumbum38

    Linkin Park--Numb--Drum Cover

    That makes a lot of sense about the timing man. I didn't even think of that. I don't record or edit so I'm not keen on how that process works. Sorry for the undue criticism. So that cymbal was created that way, huh? I had no idea. :oops: Good to know! ha-ha. Thanks. Thanks for the ordering...
  8. drumbum38

    Linkin Park--Numb--Drum Cover

    Nice job man. I'm a big LP fan myself. Hybrid Theory is one of my favorite "modern rock" albums. Feedback: I could be wrong, but it sounded to me like you were playing it slightly fast, especially the snare. I'm no timing expert though. I really liked the end of the video when you were...
  9. drumbum38

    The best drummers

    Interesting that he played with one shoe. I could have done without the close-up shot of his bare foot though. :pukeright: I'd call that song "brainfuk". Good tune to torture a POW into giving up secrets, or maybe bringing an end to a standoff at a polygamist compound. How about driving away...
  10. drumbum38

    Anybody seen the new 57 series renown looks like a 60s corvett and your the horse power behind it co

    I saw them in person also, and they are VERY appealing. I don't care for the sizes or the bulky (yet cool by itself) tom mount, but the finish and over all vibe was killer. It reminded me of a theme bike from OCC or something (without going overboard). I like the "difference" about it compared...
  11. drumbum38


    Welcome Sandy. OMG that is the absolute BEST CL ad I've ever seen! I mean.....WOW. So was 99 pics the limit? :lol: A beautiful kit btw. I sure wish I could swing it. Good luck with the sale. Peace-Eric
  12. drumbum38

    Hello from Pete

    Welcome home Pete. Seeing you were from Brighton made me think of this song. Good excuse to post a video IMO :) Peace, -Eric
  13. drumbum38

    Congrats to our WINNER!!

    Congratulations Jon. That is a very cool prize from a very generous guy indeed. Bottom's up to Den! :occasion5:
  14. drumbum38

    Forum introduction threads

    There DOES seem to be a big surge of new members lately, but they've been the GOOD kind IMO. ( Can only think of one oddball really "thegirlfriend" or whatever. Wrong forum for her I think, but everyone else has added to the knowledge base and given us more eye-candy to "ooh & ahh" at. As far...
  15. drumbum38

    OT deal: Sony Playstation 3 60gb $39.99

    IT'S A MISPRINT The description below the ad does not match the picture and item. I tried to order one anyhow, while reading carefully. Sure enough.... when you get to the verification of order page at the end, it says the correct item, which is a "move" shooter controller or something (the...
  16. drumbum38

    7pc Drum mic set on CL if interested

    Not my sale. I don't know a thing about mics but if your on a tight budget maybe they'd do for a while. I looked them up and they are only 200.00 new. Might be crap or might be well worth 100 bucks, I don't know. CAD PRO-7 Drum Mics Eric
  17. drumbum38

    I can spell Zildjian

    I hadn't seen that one actually. I think HE was copying the guy who yelled it out (and had a sign) during one of her appearances on the campaign trail. (I don't think he used the B word though). I was referring to "this guy" . Not sure who was first though. It was a catchy phrase for a...
  18. drumbum38

    I can spell Zildjian

    No you dit'nt! Did you just? Did you ACTUALLY just say that? Oh my gosh, that is so freakin' funny! :laughing6: So wrong, but so funny. Great timing and great sense of humor IMO 9Lb. Cheers. (And I do get the joke. I remember that guy. A gutsy dude was he)
  19. drumbum38

    I'm jonesin for Gibson Firebird

    Thank you for mentioning the Thunderbird because I think that's what the name (my pic above) was supposed to be. Not a "Firebird" bass, but a "Thunderbird". My mistake. FMI....are they mates? (You can tell I'm not a bass/guitar guy. I have no business in this forum! ha-ha) Sorry.
  20. drumbum38

    O/T Crocs

    Why can't they make comfortable shoes that DON'T look goofy? :razz: I won't wear crocs and I absolutely DETEST Birkenstocks. Both are popular footwear, but for the comfort factor alone IMO. Most Dr Scholl's too for that matter. I'll just have moderately sore feet, thank you. :blackeye...