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  1. JonC

    Jeff Porcaro Tribute

    A bunch of my talented friends here in Atlanta got together to do a tribute to the incomparable Jeff Porcaro this past Monday night. It was an absolute gas and featured Lil John Roberts (Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson), Scott Meeder (Atlanta Session Ace), Mark Cobb, Ganesh Giri Jaya and yours...
  2. JonC

    13” K Zildjian Istanbul Hi Hats

    I just threw these up on EBay. Certainly worth watching!! 588/635 grams
  3. JonC

    Help with Zildjian stamp

    I can never narrow these down! ???? What era/age is this? Very small hole and a hammered look to it. Thanks, Jon
  4. JonC

    Drummer's Weekly Groovecast Giveaway

    If you haven't checked it out already, I'd like to invite you to check out my friend Phil Smith and I's podcast called Drummer's Weekly Groovecast. We chat about all kinds of stuff including gigging, gear, attitude, psychology, and professionalism, along with an occasional interview. Just a...
  5. JonC

    22" Gloss Black BD Hoops

    Looking for either one Gibraltar 22" Black Gloss bass drum hoop or a clean pair of any other 22" black gloss hoops. I have a lot of nice vintage hoops to trade or cash. Thanks! Jon
  6. JonC

    Help dating Vistalite kit

    Please help me date this kit! Not clear from posted charts. Serial numbers: 14x22- 1032420 16x16- 1035438 9x13- 1034240 8x12- 994749 Inlays on BD hoops are solid gold, not sparkle. Mufflers across from badge. Round grey felt with large 1" knob and mounting bolt on bottom. Thanks!!!
  7. JonC

    Ludwig 3-ply Thermogloss 14x22 or 14x24

    Title says it all. Please let know if you have one for sale. Thanks! Jon
  8. JonC

    Gretsch USA Custom 12" tom

    Looking for an 80's or newer Two-Way Badge Gretsch USA Custom 8x12 or 9x12 tom. Preferably wrapped (heads not tight), as it will be a recover. Thanks! Jon
  9. JonC

    Pair of 22" Gloss Black Lacquer BD Hoops

    Looking for a pair of 22" gloss black lacquer bass drum hoops with NO inlays in good condition. Will buy outright or have endless trade bait. Thanks! Jon
  10. JonC

    WTB: 16" 8-hole chrome die cast hoop

    Looking for a clean 16" 8-hole die cast hoop. I have a TON of trade bait or would purchase out right. Thanks! Jon
  11. JonC

    Nashville Slingerland shell pack-LOOK!!

    Beautiful late-90's Satin Walnut Nashville-era Slingerland kit in good condition. Sizes are 16x22, 9x12, 10x13 and 16x16 floor tom. These are some of the finest modern-era drums ever made. Gibson hired renown drum builder/restorer Sam Bacco to design and build these drums. The Gibson guru Pat...
  12. JonC

    60's Slingerland Gene Krupa Brass Sound King- CHEAP!

    Mid to late 60's 5x14 8-lug Sound King. Chrome over brass shell and hoops. Missing the muffler. It's been ridden hard but sounds like a million bucks! Pics tell the story. $150.00 shipped in the lower 48.
  13. JonC

    Rarer Hayman Aluminum Snare Drum

    '74-'75 Silver Badge Hayman 5x14 aluminum-shelled snare drum. Typical pitting on shell but no extra holes. Nearly identical to a Supra! The bead is squared off and the bat muffler handle is a bit more robust. Hoops look identical. Definitely going for that "thing"!! No clue on the value so...
  14. JonC

    Brand of these legs/brackets?

    Any idea what brand these are? Japanese maybe?
  15. JonC

    Rare Slingerland Yellow Tiger Pearl Gene Krupa Deluxe No. 1N with matching snare!

    1968 Yellow Tiger Pearl Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe No. 1N catalog kit in excellent condition. 
Complete and original with complete catalog hardware set included!
Very rare finish and even rarer 5.5x14 matching Super Krupa snare drum!! 14x20 bass drum. Excellent condition with the exception of...
  16. JonC

    WANTED: WFL Classic Strainer

    Wanted: Complete WFL Classic Strainer for early 60's Ludwig Buddy Rich Super Classic snare drum. Chrome plated, please! Thanks! Jon
  17. JonC

    Yamaha HH650 Hi Hat Stand

    Looking for a Yamaha HH650 hi stand in good condition. If you have the even smaller version that came with the HipGig kits, that would be cool, as well. Thanks! JON
  18. JonC

    6.5x14 Pearl Brass Sensitone Snare Drum

    With the awesome video/audio comparisons of the 6.5x14 brass snare drums by JCKLudwig in mind, I offer up this great sounding drum: Pearl 6.5x14 lacquered brass Sensitone in good condition. A tiny bit of oxidation but overall a very presentable drum. $185.00 shipped in lower 48.
  19. JonC

    SOLD! Gretsch USA Custom Dark Walnut 18" Floor Tom

    SOLD!! Late 70's 16x18 Gretsch Dark Walnut floor tom up for sale. I say this is about 7/10 condition overall but a little cleanup and it should be quite nice. Structurally sound and appears to be all original with the exception of one FT leg. Pics tell the story. $175.00 plus actual shipping...
  20. JonC

    SOLD!! 15" K Zildjian Light Hi Hats

    SOLD!!! Great sounding set of 15" K Lights up for grabs. No cracks or keyholing. You can clean 'em if you are into that sorta thing. Dark and vibey goodness! $250.00 shipped East of the Mississippi and $260.00 east. Thanks! PayPal is cool. Jon or PM me!