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  1. halldorl

    Tama Dyna-Sync hihat review

    Received my Tama Dyna-Sync hihat stand yesterday. Here are a few first thoughts: Extremely well built Simple operation and user friendly Very direct and powerful action Very precise feeling and achieving a strong chick is a breeze. Extremely smooth on the upstroke and no “clunk” whatsoever even...
  2. halldorl

    Thick vs thin - single vs double ply

    I’ve had a 20” Tama Starclassic Gong drum for over a year now and used it quite a bit. It came shipped with an 22” Evans EQ4 head which wasn’t to my liking so I changed to a clear Remo Emperor head. The drum sounded nice but I kinda expected more “thunder” i.e. punch and projection. Just a few...
  3. halldorl

    Wide open bass drum

    Haven’t done this in years and I’m diggin it A LOT. I was looking for a short punchy sound for a project I’m working on. I was surprised how much rumble it gives me and the response is pure fun.
  4. halldorl

    Promuco Bonham sticks DCP is also carrying them:
  5. halldorl

    Finally, a session!

    Did a session this morning. Feels wonderful to be doing some work.
  6. halldorl

    Hickory for drums?

    I just added this snare drum to my arsenal; Tama SLP 5x14” 6 ply 6mm Hickory. 2.3 triple flange steel hoops, brass tube lugs. I hardly ever play drums shallower than 6” so I kind of wrote it off .... until I played one. Clarity, crunch, dynamics, huge tuning range and super sensitive. The big...
  7. halldorl

    Black Dots revisited

    I decided to use the abundance of time I have these days to try out something new, or should I say old? Remo black dots top and bottom a’la Charlie and Tony. Great tone, attack, somewhat shorter note (which I like). Dig the looks also. I haven’t used black dots on toms since the 80’s. The...
  8. halldorl

    Brady drums

    Ran into some old pics of my former Brady Jarrah ply kit in Wandoo Burl 20x18”8x8”10x8”12x10”14x12” Snares: 12x7” She-Oak block, 12x5.5” Jarrah ply, 14x5.5” Jarrah ply This kit I sold to forum member RIDDIM back in 2006 if my memory serves me right. This was my main kit 1992 - 2006. Do you...
  9. halldorl

    Be safe and stay in the groove! (NO clapping on 1 & 3!)

    I need something to lift my spirits these days. How about we post what we are up to on the drums (or whatever) these days. I was teaching on-line today and after I finished I fooled around with the Yamaha EAD and made a little recording. I would love to hear some little clips from you folks...
  10. halldorl

    Show me your yellow drums...

    .... because they sound better
  11. halldorl

    Bill Bruford’s yard sale

    Graham Russell is selling tons of Brufords gear soon. Yellow Starclassic kit, Dragon drums a.o. Here he and Bruford are going through some of the gear:
  12. halldorl

    Brilliant tip to teach/learn drum notation

    Came acros this on the web. Don’t know who made this but it’s pretty brilliant.
  13. halldorl

    New kit just landed

    Here they are; Tama Star Maple in Sunny Yellow with inlays inside and outside. 18x14” 12x8”14x13”. Magnificent drums!
  14. halldorl

    RIP Ginger Baker

    Ginger Baker, one of the most innovative and influential drummers in rock music, has died at the age of 80. A co-founder of Cream, he also played with Blind Faith, Hawkwind and Fela Kuti in a long and varied career.
  15. halldorl

    Anika Nilles clinic.

    We did an Anika Nilles clinic here in Reykjavik, Iceland today. Wow! This lady is amazing. Powerhouse drummer with amazing chops and musicality.
  16. halldorl

    New toys!

    Got these today: Tama Starphonic Copper 7x14” snare. Delightful drum. An 18” Tama Star Walnut floor tom to “finalize” my Walnut kit. Now it’s 10”12”14”16”18”22” And finally a 14x20” custom made Gong drum to match my Starclassic Maple kit. The SLP kit is not mine but it sounds nice; warm...
  17. halldorl

    Inde strainer - Dunnett upgrade

    Love the Inde strainer. Put one on my restored Ludwig NOB and replaced the bulky Dunnett strainer on one of my fav metal snares; the Dunnett 2N stainless. It protrudes 20mm less than the Dunnett and is a lot lighter. Heaven!
  18. halldorl

    20’s Ludwig NOB restored

    10 years ago I was given this 5x14” 10 lug Ludwig 2 piece heavy brass with dual parallel snare mechanisms. It was in a very poor state; both mechansims were missing parts and bent, rods were bent and/or missing, clips were broken and/or missing etc. Shell and lugs were in decent state although...
  19. halldorl

    Meinl vault in Memphis

    Just wow!
  20. halldorl

    Ludwig experts - need help

    I just became the owner of this brand new orphan. What is this finish called? Blue strata? It’s the only color on the Ludwig website that I thought looked similar. It’s a Super classic maple.