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  1. DrumSmith

    Worst Drum Video on YouTube

    On YouTube for 3 years and today it has 29 views. It is, by sheer popularity, the worst video on YouTube.
  2. DrumSmith

    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

  3. DrumSmith

    Opinions on these new kits please?

    Help me spend my money. I'm looking for a kit with an absolute maximum budget of $1200. Fusion/rock, 3 toms minimum. MUST have a 22" bass drum. MUST NOT have RIMS-style tom mounts. MUST NOT have a 13" tom. I don't want loud and bright drums. Warm and lush is my preference for this "house" kit...
  4. DrumSmith

    Tom mounts for the new Tama Supertar toms?

    I've been wanting to pull the plug on one of those big Superstar kits sold by Sweetwater, etc, going for $950, with 5 maple toms. WooHoo, fun. Trouble is, I detest rims-style mounts. I want to drill and mount Ludwig Elite type mounts (or similar) to the toms and be done with the "rims" mounts...
  5. DrumSmith

    This drum on Amazon is ready for your finish

    I've been wanting a 13" snare, and THIS Gretsch Ash snare on Amazon seemed worth a shot for $179. Upon opening the box, I wasn't 100% happy with the grain pattern or the finish. The grain pattern should have been amazing, because it's ash, and the drum in the Amazon picture shows a ton of...
  6. DrumSmith

    Advice on all equipment to record my drums

    Hi all. Been drumming for 30+ years but never learned much about recording, and now, with all this technology (making modern music) I feel like I know less. What I'm after is the ability to record my drums the way so many YouTubers and you guys are so successfully doing. I know there are lots of...
  7. DrumSmith

    I'd like your opinions on some Tama and Sonor kits

    Got the itch again. For something different. Hearing is beleiving, but there are a few kits I don't have access too and would like some opinioins. What I don't like is treble-heavy attack and (what I call) "drum head sounds" - hard to explain but when you hear more of the drum head than the...
  8. DrumSmith

    How to tell a Ludwig triple-flange hoop from another?

    Is there any way to tell a Ludwig (USA) hoop from a typical triple flange hoop? such as the ones in the picture? I'm selling them on eBay.
  9. DrumSmith

    Ludwig LM402 question: them black gaskets

    I recently saw an LM402 for sale (used) that had black gaskets between the lugs and shell. It was a BO sharp badge. I haven't seen those gaskets, and they were not on a 400 or 402 that I have had. Secondly, aren't the LM402's supposed to have the Luddalloy sticker on the inside? Thanks!
  10. DrumSmith

    Covet Thy Neighbor's Drums (drum porn)

    Drums you don't own, but lust after. So many...
  11. DrumSmith

    Sold: Ludwig Keystone Set : 4 toms and 22" Bass : Pewter Glass

    Sold to a happy local musician. Selling my 'Stones! I love 'em but progress and projects never sleep! $1450. Update! >> Free Shipping!! (lower 48) my review: Here's where I bought...
  12. DrumSmith

    Looking for a snare whit Greate Prescence

    Found It !
  13. DrumSmith

    Any advice on this snare? Taye. Not necessarily a great "deal" but sometimes you just want what you want. I'm a little skittish. Any advice or experience with Taye? What's a similar wood hoop...
  14. DrumSmith

    Please drink responsibly, listen to this sad recording

    1.57 MB of recording space was sadly lost in this train wreck. Don't drink and drum.
  15. DrumSmith

    The best drums ever played

    even if they DO look like Ayotte :notworthy: :occasion5: Happy 4th 8)
  16. DrumSmith

    Drummers That Suck

    The recent thread "Missed the groove" got me thinking about how polite we all try to be. Are ALL established drummers rarefied air? Does Roger Earl need to be put on a pedestal? Hell I don't know, he sounds fine to me. Can you think of any drummers that were in a well-known band that just...
  17. DrumSmith

    Heel Up (way up) Bass Drum Pedal recommendations?

    I play with my heel way up, contacting the pedal plate just a few inches above the heel plate hinge. If anyone else plays like this, can you recommend a pedal? I'm looking to upgrade my Pearl P120 (I think), which I bought simply because it is wide. It's fine but I know I can do better speed...
  18. DrumSmith

    Calling on help from Vistalite aficionados

    Hey, I posted this CL listing on the CL thread yesterday: I might look at these this weekend. How can you tell the vintage of Vistalites? What kind of bearing edge do they have?
  19. DrumSmith

    Show us your proud Hundie Drums!

    A Hundie Drum is a drum you bought for $100-ish that you like. A sleeper, a kick-as deal, retail price, whatever! I've attached one of mine.
  20. DrumSmith

    New Ludwig Keystone Kit and my Review

    It's been over 15 years since I bought a brand-spanking-new drum set for myself. Used drums have always fit my budget, shopping style, and needs. However, the Ludwig Keystones are too new for a large supply of used sets on the market. I must say, there's nothing like that New Drum Smell. What...