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  1. DrumLug

    What Drummers made the bucks and laughed ???

    What Drummers who sat in the seat with a band....Made it big ! Then, laughed as the money rolled in.....? I'll start it off.....Tico Torres {Bon jovi }
  2. DrumLug

    Who tapes their gigs,shows, ??

    Or, am i alone here... I enjoy taping the nites gig-show....Then on the ride home,Pop in the tape and listen for overall performance,groove.....or, just re-live the nite in the backseat per se. That's been a learning crutch for years....Anyone?
  3. DrumLug

    Here's a ''cheap'' Ringo Hi-hat !!

    Direct from our cordial drum buff buddy ! ... 0301277206 Get the year right, at least....
  4. DrumLug

    Has anyone done business with ''Alfaguy69'' {ebay name}

    I bought an item 9 days ago,seller does not respond to emails. He must be home because he left some feedback for people yesterday...Hmmmm....
  5. DrumLug

    What'd ya think of this Rogers Buddy Kit ??

    Looks to be a nice one.... ... 0349672090
  6. DrumLug

    Ringo snare on Ebay......

    Check this price.... :shock: ... 0126963076
  7. DrumLug

    Here's a little suitcase for your gigs-J.Lennon

    Pick up this little suitcase for your future gigs....Hey, it was good enough for John Lennon ! Seems legit ! A letter from Cynthia- his Ex. I wonder where this will go.... :shock: ... 0279346396
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    Delaney Bramlett----RIP

    Died Sat. due to complcations from gall bladder surgery. ... re=related
  9. DrumLug

    My neighbors son ...

    wants to join a female band...!
  10. DrumLug

    Did this go cheap...or what !! Wood Dyna ... 0316235730
  11. DrumLug

    Ringo Hi-Hat Stand 1123 Economy ? or timing?

    This is the lowest price i have ever seen for this rare model ! In Great condition to say the least ..! ... 0112523763
  12. DrumLug

    Any Lawton Drum Show Pics ?

  13. DrumLug

    Jim Gordon set for sale ?

    Are these the sizes he played ? Looks like the color.... ... 20dominoes
  14. DrumLug

    Jan Hammer Group--anyone remember?

    There is a thread and video of someone doing 11/8. It brought to my mind, from the old days of 75'. Jan Hammer OH YEA! record. With Tony Smith on drums---First cut...Magical Dog in 11/8 .... Tony is kickin' 8's on the hi hat....truly a milestone ,following RTF on the jazz/rock scene of the...
  15. DrumLug

    Anyone know Ron Dennell ?

    I think he works at Sam Ash in PA. He has an extensive collection {50+ sets }.... ... _ron_d.htm
  16. DrumLug

    tama cordia snare

    Didn't these go for $400 new, when they came out ? I forget now.... ... 0257796859
  17. DrumLug

    Wood Dyna

    Is it the year 2000? Are the prices back ? ... 286.c0.m14
  18. DrumLug

    66' Blue Oyster-----Scam ?

    Scam , or no scam..... ... 286.c0.m14
  19. DrumLug

    ~~Professional Percussion Center ---NYC

    Does anyone remember this drum shop ? I thought it was great ! Did anyone notice the Gene Krupa snare with gold hardware....{just as you walked in, to the right. }
  20. DrumLug

    Steely Dan- Peg ~~Drummer discrepancy!

    I saw credits on Bernard Purdie's Web that he played on Peg. { as if he was on the record }..That might be right,played,tried out....but, knowing Fagen & Becker....there were 7 or 8 different bands put together in the studio. Then they scrutinized and hand picked each one of the many, to form...