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  1. hutdoug

    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    George Lawrence.
  2. hutdoug

    What's your absolute favorite song?

    "Aqualung", Jethro Tull.
  3. hutdoug

    My first drumset (1989)

    The lugs and hardware look like Apollo. I had the same kit in Blue satin flame.
  4. hutdoug

    Ludwig Gold Coast

    Back in 1993 I picked up several drums at a rummage sale including a 1937 L&L Standard Swing snare and 1967 3"x13" and 12"x18" Gold Coast outfit in Oyster Black all for $20! Missing from the Gold Coast was the snare basket. I wasn't into collecting yet but I knew what I had. I was offered $350...
  5. hutdoug

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Praying for you Chris.
  6. hutdoug

    How many drum sets have you owned in your lifetime?

    18 total. Still have 14.
  7. hutdoug

    Please submit Ringo's Best Drumming Efforts (Snappy Responds...)

    George's "I Me Mine".
  8. hutdoug

    What Was the Best Live Show/Drummer You Saw in 2018?

    Mike Calabrese and Lake Street Dive.
  9. hutdoug

    Misunderstood Lyrics

    My Grandson's friend came out of church last Sunday singing "Silent Night, hold me tight".
  10. hutdoug

    Let's Celebrate the Unheralded Greats -- Favorites

    The late Si Edwards of Barefoot Jerry.
  11. hutdoug

    How many of you sing?

    I sing probably 2/3 of the rock covers we do.
  12. hutdoug

    Got a chance to play with my kid last night!

    My son Evan sitting in on drums with Mississippi Oil Slick and me on vocals.
  13. hutdoug

    Hal Blaine tom recordings

  14. hutdoug

    Any Blue/Olive Badge lovers out there?

    2004 Classic Maples, special order. The green snare on the right is a Rocker rewrap.
  15. hutdoug

    HAROLD "Doc" WEST... 1951 tom mounting

    On the clarinet?
  16. hutdoug

    Making do when you forget something....stories anyone?

    Forgot my throne once. Borrowed two plastic milk crates from the kitchen and stacked them. The guitar player's daughter ran home and got a patio chair cushion. Was actually more comfortable than my Rogers Samson seat!