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  1. sillyilly

    Jimmy Cobb 5 note phrase

    Glad to hear it, thanks for watching!
  2. sillyilly

    Jimmy Cobb 5 note phrase

    A little discussion about the late great Jimmy Cobb, and a phrase of his that I enjoy playing. Recorded on my iPhone.
  3. sillyilly

    Zoom H6

    I have an H6 that I use as an audio interface to my computer, with Cubase Elements. So far it’s been great, no complaints.
  4. sillyilly

    Playing all instruments and singing “Crossroads Blues”

    For a bit of fun!
  5. sillyilly

    Drum Cover of "Soul Power", by James Brown

    Haha! Not really, it was already cracked when I took possession of it. A friend of mine did a nice job cutting around the cracks. Sound wise I’m running a Zoom H6 into Cubase Elements, just using two mics right now. No effects, but a bit of EQ. For video, Zoom Q3. Thanks for the nice comments!
  6. sillyilly

    Drum Cover of "Soul Power", by James Brown

    Hi guys, I'm getting happier with the sound of my new recording setup. Hope you like this one, stay well!
  7. sillyilly


    Here’s my drum cover of this classic tune.
  8. sillyilly

    Gary Husband FREE Videocasts

    GH has two very informative videocasts available for free (any amount donation appreciated) on his website.
  9. sillyilly

    Tony Williams Drums and other rarities.

    Really, really good. Thanks for sharing! More rare Tony:
  10. sillyilly

    Great Outros

    This whole tune is amazing, but I really love it around 9 minutes in. You can hear someone (Tony?) go “Whoo!” a few times over the ending vamp.
  11. sillyilly

    Favorite rock and roll player

    John Bonham, Ian Paice and Phil Rudd.
  12. sillyilly

    Tanith "Mountain" Full Drum Take (Metal Blade Records)

    Yup, I like it. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on getting signed to Metal Blade and all the best of luck to you and your band.
  13. sillyilly

    Gary Husband's "City Nights"

    Thanks very much! All of the instruments on the track are played by Gary himself. That UFIP is nice, it belongs to my friend Chris, the studio owner. All the best to you.
  14. sillyilly

    Favorite Brush tunes

    Roy Haynes on “Stolen Moments” (seeing him later this month, pumped). Philly Joe on “Billy Boy” Cobham on “Open Country Joy” and Bonzo on “Rain Song”.
  15. sillyilly

    Gary Husband's "City Nights"

  16. sillyilly

    Gary Husband's "City Nights"

    That’s really nice to hear, thanks bob!
  17. sillyilly

    Favorite Odd Meter song/piece/recording/performance

    The album that got me really interested in odd meters is "Extensions", by the Dave Holland Quartet. The entire band is so fluid and improvisatory within the various structures, and the drumming of Marvin "Smitty" Smith is particularly stellar. For a specific tune, "Nemesis" is killing from the...
  18. sillyilly

    Gary Husband's "City Nights"

    I recently posted about recording a version of "Miles Beyond". At the same session, I had a play through this amazing Gary Husband track, which first appeared on the Allan Holdsworth album "Secrets", from 1989. I got this material in a videocast from
  19. sillyilly

    Miles Beyond

    Thanks bob. My friend Chris Perra did the sound. He’s a killer drummer as well, check him out on YouTube.
  20. sillyilly

    Miles Beyond