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  1. ian.thomas

    Source for Very Short Tension Rods

    Anyone know of a source for very short tension rods, like 1/2" or less? I'm working on a project and can cut some down to size, but if such a product already exists then I'll go that route. Thanks
  2. ian.thomas

    Advice - Does this look dumb?

    Brothers and Sisters: I have a gig in Austin on Thursday and I'm trying to take as little as possible, but have I gone too far with having everything hang off of the bass drum? I normally don't worry about 'looks', but after stepping back this seems a bit cluttered to me. Thoughts?
  3. ian.thomas

    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Snare *Price Lowered - Again*

    Selling my Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Snare. 5X14 Aluminum Die-Cast hoops Beautiful Blue Fade - it's hard to capture how good looking this finish is in pictures. Original Snares This is a great sounding drum. I really think the hoops make the drum......if it doesn't sell I'm going to put...
  4. ian.thomas

    Mayer Brothers Snare *Price Lowered Again*

    Selling my Mayer Brothers snare. I'm the original owner received directly from Jack and Mark Mayer at the 2002 Hollywood Drum Show. 5X14 Maple - 10 Ply Gorgeous Gray/Gold Lacquer finish (not a wrap!) Puresound snares Fantastic condition Original head signed by Jack and Mark Mayer All original...
  5. ian.thomas

    SOLD - S hoops for Snare - Top & Bottom Set

    SOLD - Thanks DFO! DFO Brothers & Sisters: I'm selling a set (top & bottom) of 14" X 10 lug snare drum S Hoops. I put these on my Supra for about 1 day and took them off, so essentially they are new. A set of these are going for $50 shipped on eBay. I'm asking $30 shipped, or free if you...
  6. ian.thomas

    SOLD - Yamaha Kabuto Snare *Price Lowered*

    DFO Brothers & Sisters: I'm selling my Yamaha Kabuto snare. 5.5X14 Red (powder-coated ?) Steel shell Puresound snares In fantastic condition, only finger prints SOLD (actually donated to a drummer in need)
  7. ian.thomas

    Dunnett Ti Snare *Price Lowered - Again*

    DFO Brothers & Sisters: I'm selling my Dunnett Ti snare; I'm the original owner, purchased directly from Ronn Dunnett at the 2003 Chicago Drum Show. 6.5X14 Titanium shell Upgraded to R4 throw-off purchased directly from Ronn (original Nickel throw broke) Pre-Hypervent; i.e., there is no vent...
  8. ian.thomas

    SOLD - Ludwig Supraphonic with Twin Channel Hoops *Price Lowered*

    SOLD - Thanks Martin & DFO DFO Brothers and Sisters: I'm selling my Ludwig Supraphonic with rare Twin Channel Hoops. 6.5X14 Chicago badge Lud A Loy circa 1985ish Pros: Rare Twin Channel Hoops Sounds like a cannon; dry and focused due to the hoops Overall 'good' condition, with nothing broke...
  9. ian.thomas

    A Grail Snare [to me], Thanks to Hazelwood7 >>>

    As many of you know, I've been searching for a Yamaha 20th Anniversary snare in sea-blue fade for many years. Thanks to Chris (Hazelwood7) I finally have fantastic condition, and at a fantastic deal!! It's super minty and beyond my expectations. It matches my one-off sea-blue...
  10. ian.thomas

    Black Swamp Snares

    Anyone using Black Swamp snare wires? I had a set way-back-when that I loved, but sold with a drum (to a good friend playing shows in Vegas). And I've had another set recently that just didn't sound the same. Is it me, the drum, or have they changed?
  11. ian.thomas

    Interview and Video - Ian Chang

    Here is an interview and cool video from my friend Ian Chang using Sensory Percussion. Interesting stuff and I'm looking forward to see how far he takes it.
  12. ian.thomas

    Leather Covered BD Hoops?!?

    Ever since I missed out on flam254's DW Jazz set due to my butt dragging, I've been casually looking into small jazz sets, new and old. So of course I went to the DW site to look around and saw this >>> I had no idea these existed or how much I need them in my life until I saw them listed as...
  13. ian.thomas

    OT: Thoughts on Negotiating and EBay Fees

    Hi All: I've had a glass of wine, so this may sound petty and poorly worded. I found a set on Ebay that peeked my interest, but the seller is asking a bit too much and I would have to make a not-too-far road trip to pick them up (seller not shipping). I offered the same amount he would...
  14. ian.thomas

    My Yamaha RC Bebop Set

    I finally got around to getting a lift for the converted 18" ft and also put a coated EMAD on it - it sounds so good now. This is just a small set with the 10 and 14 that I keep at the practice space, but I'm really digging the 18 now so it might become the permanent setup!
  15. ian.thomas

    FS on eBay: Beni Drums "Black Russian" Custom Snare Drum 14"x5.5"

    NOTE: This is not my drum nor my auction, and to the best of my knowledge I don't know the seller (at least I don't recognize the seller's ebay name). Beni Drums "Black Russian" Custom Snare Drum 14"x5.5" - $250 or best offer! This is a sweet deal on a great drum!! And it has the tub lugs...
  16. ian.thomas

    Restore Suggestions - Yamaha Brass Snare >>

    I'm restoring a Yamaha brass snare (original lacquer is peeling). Thinking of: Polish brass and lacquer to original finish Brush finish the brass and lacquer Brush finish the brass with no lacquer and let it age Paint the shell and lugs I don't care about keeping it "original", so any crazy...
  17. ian.thomas

    Custom Tuning Reference >>

    Hi Guys: Need a great Cymbal-Smith recommendation: I have an 20" Sabian HH china (early '80's, right after Robert Zildjian split from the family in the States), that needs to be tuned. I would like something darker and more complex.....basically I want it to be better without losing it's...
  18. ian.thomas

    Yamaha Maple Custom - Head Recommendations

    Hey Guys: I just got a new-to-me set of Yamaha Maple Customs (not Absolutes) that needs new heads and wanted some recommendations. The sizes are 8x8, 10x9, 12x10, 14x12, 16x14, 22x16. I'm not looking for a specific sound, just want some ideas of what heads make these drums sound great...
  19. ian.thomas

    Yamaha Snare - Recording Custom 20th Anniversary in Sea Blue fade

    Looking for a Yamaha Recording Custom 20th Anniversary in Sea Blue fade, like this >>> Thanks, Ian ian [dot] thomas [at] inbox [dot] com
  20. ian.thomas

    Interesting "Inner Drum" Snare on eBay >>

    I think I would still rather have a separate aux snare, but at least someone is trying something different! Video >>> #t=214