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  1. Iwan

    WTB: Ludwig 70s B/O badge LM400

    Hello fellow forum friends! Looking for a 70s Ludwig LM400 SUpraphonic serial preferred 12***** or close to match a kit. Condition a little flaking is okay but not too much and no extra holes and of coarse in round and no dents in edges. Please let me know what you have! Thanks
  2. Iwan

    1970 Burgundy Sparkle Big Beat

    Hello to you all! After a search topic on the DFO after Blue/Olive Burgundy drums here the result after a lot of restauration and TLC! All drums july and august 1970, almost unbelevable when you think these were all orphan drums :) : Thanks to all my (DFO) friends for all the help and...
  3. Iwan

    New members can not log in?

    Hello! A friend of mine wanted to join this forum and he signed up! When he wants to sign in he gets an error and can't get logged in...... Anybody knows why this could happen? Thanks and hope to hear from you all soon! Iwan
  4. Iwan

    Ludwig Blue/Olive badge

    Hello fellow Ludwig lovers :) I'm looking for a Ludwig Blue/Olive badge only starting with serial number 7***** or even better 76****. Preferred good condition and better. I know it wil be hard to find on but it isn't impossible! I'm located in the Netherlands so shipping overseas will be...
  5. Iwan

    70s Ludwig 14x20 bassdrum Sky Blue Pearl

    Hello you all! I'm looking for a 70s Ludwig bassdrum in Sky Blue Pearl with clear maple interior 14x20. Also looking for a 8x12 Ludwig tom in Sky Blue Pearl with clear interior. I'm in the Netherlands so shipping overseas is needed. Thanks for any help!!!
  6. Iwan

    Info on Leedy snaredrum

    Hello! A friend of mine wants to sell his Leedy snaredrum but doesn't know much about it and me neither. :) Maybe you guys have some information about age and type and value?Any help appreciated!!! Thanks, Iwan
  7. Iwan

    Ludwig early 70s Champagne Sparkle bassdrum 22"

    Hello, I'm looking for an early 70s Ludwig Champagne Sparkle bassdrum 22". (24" also an option!) Best would be virgin or with railmount but diamond tomholder will be also considered. I know there's one on Ebay right now but for some reason communication with the seller is not that easy going...
  8. Iwan

    WTB: Ludwig 3 ply concert tom drumset

    Hello all! Looking for a Ludwig 3ply concert tom drumset with 22 inch bassdrum. 3 or 4 toms is enough, not looking for a octaplus, that will be too expensive in shipping. Finish not that important and I prefer no extra holes but everything offered will be considered :) I'm in the Netherlands so...
  9. Iwan

    Ludwig 70s Blue Sparkle 20" bassdrum

    Looking for a 70s Ludwig 20" bassdrum in blue sparkle. Clear maple interior prefered. No collectors condition needed, it will be played, but not too many extra holes . I'm located in the Netherlands so shipping overseas needed. Please let me know what you guys have! Thanks in advance. :D
  10. Iwan

    WTB: Ludwig 70s round knob mufflers

    Looking for at least 4 Ludwig 70s round know mufflers. Ludwig made 2 versions of these mufflers the ones with the round knob screw in the top hole and other in the bottom hole. I need the ones whit the round knob in the upper holke just like in the picture otherwise I have to drill in the shell...
  11. Iwan

    Ludwig Black Oyster 70s 18" Floortom

    Looking for an early 70s 18" floortom black oyster with clear maple interior to match my 24,13,14,16 that I already own. Best would be serial starting with 81**** but close would be also great. No extra holes or other issues please cause the rest of the drums is in almost mint condition. I live...
  12. Iwan

    WTB: Ludwig 70s blue sparkle 18" floortom

    Hi and thanks for reading my topic. Looking for a Ludwig 70s 16x18 floortom with clear maple interior. I think this is going to be tough to find one, therefore a project shell will also be considerated for a rewrap maybe. If you have something please let me know!! Thanks, Iwan p.s. I'm located...
  13. Iwan

    14x14 70s Ludwig floortom (shell)

    Hello and thanks for reading my topic! :) I'm looking for a 70s Ludwig floortom 14x14 inch project shell. Doesn't matter what color of wrap even stripped shells welcome. If hardware isn't available it's not a problem. Preferred granitone interior but clear maple also fine. Please offer all drums...
  14. Iwan

    Ludwig tom mount washers

    First of all, happy new year everybody! I was wondering who was the manufacturer of the 1-1/5 inch outer diameter and 0.15 inner diameter washers that are on the inside of toms and floortoms in the 60s and 70s? Did Ludwig made them in their own company or was there another supplier for those...
  15. Iwan

    Ludwig 70s Pro Beat

    Dear Forum members :D Anyone has a Ludwig 70s BO badge Pro Beat (24,13,14,16,18) for sale? Players condition is fine with me and I prefer 3ply but also 6ply is welcome and finish not that important. Seller has to be willing to ship the set overseas as I'm located in the Netherlands. Thanks in...
  16. Iwan

    Wanted 70s Ludwig 14x6,5 SS

    Hello dear readers of this topic! I'm looking for a 70s Ludwig Super Sensitive snare drum 14x6,5. Not looking for a museum piece, players condition is fine with me. I'm located in the Netherlands so shipping overseas is a must! :D Waiting for you're reactions, Iwan
  17. Iwan

    Ludwig Standard

    Somebody here on the forum wants to part with his Ludwig Standard drumset? Sizes not really important and for color I'm not sure what I like most :D I live in the Netherlands so you will also have to be willing to ship overseas. Thanks for your reactions!
  18. Iwan

    Someone got a great deal here on Ebay! :) Free shipping also in the USA, too bad i live in the Netherlands.........! Did someone on the DFO get this one? I hope so!
  19. Iwan

    Someone close to Pismo Beach should grab these Mod Oranges
  20. Iwan

    Don't buy this drum on Ebay!!!!

    I bought this drum on Ebay...