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  1. kip

    Spoken Word and Percussion

    My cousin and I had been talking about a "Drum-n-Face" project for an eternity. Poetry and Percussion Couple of years ago, we managed to make the time, and get together for a few performances. Cousin Bob on spoken word Cousin Kip on percussion Cousin Mary's written words Cousin Jim on guitar...
  2. kip

    Tony Allen??????

    Don't know if this is true, but saw this on FB
  3. kip

    Where's the ---------- beat?

    stumbled across these guys the other day! I can finally hear Spirits in the Material World correctly!!!!
  4. kip

    article in MD on Keith Moon

    great article on Keith Moon I've long believed that part of Moon's magic w The Who is that the foundation for his drum parts...
  5. kip

    MD Purge

    I'm purging stuff I dont need these days. I have a bunch of Modern Drummers that go from 2014- back to the 90s. There are a handful I'm keeping, but the rest I am getting rid of. Libraries won't take them. Ive given some away to friends kids who play drums, but other kids arent interested...
  6. kip

    FREE's Alright Now.... Cowbell version , Woodblock version???

    Alway loved FREE's Alright Now. Love Simon's drumming, and Paul's solo. Always thought the clave was nice background texture, but for years, I swear I'd hear a version w a cowbell instead of a clave. Anyone else, or am I just having audio hallicinations?
  7. kip

    replacing HPD-15 power adaptor?

    any one replaced the power adaptor for their Roland HPD-15 Handsonic Mine is way old, and the power cable doesnt work anymore (at least I hope its the cable!) was looking for replacement cables, but wondered if anyone here has purchased one of the available models, and if so, did it work?
  8. kip

    been on a Jim Gordon kick lately

    been on a Jim Gordon kick lately any other suggestions to my Gordon Play list spotify:user:1211509969:playlist:7Km4i65z2QhKEoCgNzQw3y I could listen to Derek and the Dominos Live at the...
  9. kip

    trying to find footage of New Brubeck Quartet from 70s (Soundstage?)

    In the 70s, on PBS, there was a show called Soundstage. I remember seeing Journey w Ansley Dunbar on an episode, and Victor Lewis on a cool Premier kit w a band, but one of the ones that stuck out was the New Brubeck Quarter w Dave and his three sons, Darius, Dan and Chris They were all pretty...
  10. kip

    match late 70s Gretsch Drop G natural maple finish

    anyone know what model gretsch drum would allow me to match late 70s Gretsch Drop G in natural maple finish wondering what the difference is w US Custom , Renown...satin vs natural maple and which one would match most closely w an old 79 SSB kit
  11. kip

    Bodhran workshops at the Ligonier Highland games this Saturday

    Hope to see you at the 2017 Lignonier Highland Games this Saturday. I'll be doing bodhran workshops, demos and lesson thru out the day.
  12. kip

    Holger Czukay passes

    Damn, this one hurts. CAN was and is a huge influence Irmin Schmidt is the last one left from CAN other than Malcom Mooney and Damo Suzuki Michael Karoli was the youngest but he was the first to pass years ago Jaki Liebezeit passed this past year...
  13. kip

    drum sound for The Dead

    Ive always loved the drum sound from Bill and Mickey. Live especially. Saw some shows in the 80s and I was floored by the live drum sound. It was clear and you could hear everything, but not boomy. They seemed to always keep that approach live. I remember the first live show I saw when I...
  14. kip

    OT - funny stuff my kids say

    Dinner conversation this evening with my just turned 9 year old twins Daughter - "Dad, why do people laugh when someone says Uranus?"
  15. kip

    OT - Meditation

    Off topic anyone do meditation? what is the secret to observing your breath without controlling your breathing? I find that as soon as I become aware of my breathing, its no longer autonomous breathing that I observe, I immediately begin controlling the breathing. instead I try to become...
  16. kip

    OT Robert Pirsig - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    88 years. his book was a life changer for me."Thetruth knocks on the door and you say, "Go away, I'm looking for the truth,"
  17. kip

    How did I miss BJ Wilson and Procol Harum??

    The post last week w clips of Procol Harum and BJ Wilson, have sent me on a new quest. To find and listen to everything Wilson ever played on. I had always thought of Procol Harum as a one hit wonder w Whiter Shade of Pale and had the idea in my head, that they were a fru-fru psychedelia flash...
  18. kip

    WARPAINT Tour 2017 definitely one of my favorite bands of the last 10 years. been hoping they'd be coming close!
  19. kip

    Pentangle's Terry Cox

    Any Terry Cox fans out there? His playing on the earliest Pentangle Lps is just perfect. understated, textured, not a traditional approach....more symphonic almost to my ear one of my fav players for sure
  20. kip

    John Drumbo French

    From a Guitar Video by Henry Kaiser &list=PL124A90390F91BBD9 I remember seeing this VHS in a music store in NYC in the early 1990s, but I didn't have any money to buy it.