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  1. scaramanga

    This guy slays me.

    Fascinated by classic ska drumming. This guy is the most high.
  2. scaramanga

    Have you ever seen Ludwig spurs like these?

    The owner of this drum insists it's from the late 60s, MPM clear interior shell. Does this seem possible?
  3. scaramanga

    WHAT THE !?!?

    Come to me my lovely For the cost of a set of drums, but...
  4. scaramanga

    Evans sounds a lot better to me now.

    Very cool move by Evans:
  5. scaramanga

    My band has just released our first album.

    We play psychotic cartoon animal dream soundtracks. Hey I know it's not for everyone. Drum dorks: Mid 60s Club Dates my my mom bought me 40 years ago. Recorded live in my studio. Thanks!
  6. scaramanga

    What else can you do with a kick drum pedal?

    My spare pedal wants a new job. I know about the cowbell and Tambo mounts. Anything else? Please post pics if possible, and a parts list if you're feeling saucy. Thanks!
  7. scaramanga

    Check out how this guy removes the spring to set up his pedal.

    Interesting approach to setting up a pedal. I've messed with it a little (not with a Dyna Sync) and I think he's on to something. Got me thinking anyway.
  8. scaramanga

    No more brown sound. Bright and lively!

    There are many many many options out there for satisfying our Echo Canyon jones and delivering a calm, thuddy Fleetwood Mac sound. TONS! But what if I wanted something with LOTS of overtones, decay and brightness? Something fast moving and....athletic. A little out of control even? What...
  9. scaramanga

    Snare experts: What is Brian playing here?

    I must have one.
  10. scaramanga

    Who uses a net to secure their Rock n Roller cart?

    It's embarrassing when something expensive falls on the street in front of the people. What do you use to secure your R&R cart load, and where did you get it?
  11. scaramanga

    Gunning for biggest dork on the forum: my new stick valise!

    I have a friend who is getting into the business of custom musical doodads. We came up with this monstrosity because I hate hanging my stick bag and I keep looking for a table to put stuff on. Also, I'm 51 and this is the kind of sheeyit that occurs to people in my age group. Home owners...
  12. scaramanga

    24" Protection Racket Cymbal Bag $80 plus shipping.

    Some years of use has merely rendered this used, but unbroken. Seriously there is nothing wrong with this excellent bag. You should buy it. 80 smackers plus cheap shipping.
  13. scaramanga

    Would you like a Russian Buddy Rich wristwatch?

    Because I am that kind of annoying idiot, I found this on Etsy, and thought of you. And, oddly, there are other models to chose from.
  14. scaramanga

    Zildjian in the NYT
  15. scaramanga

    Dating a Rogers Holiday...

    Asking for a friend, no really. He writes: "Wondered if anyone could tell me what year a Rogers Holiday model kit with serial numbers around 82000 and 61000 might be from? I'm told 1965, but I wanted to confirm. Shells are 20, 16, 12. Thank you for any info!" Thanks!
  16. scaramanga

    What to do with a drum that's a dud?

    Hi everybody. I recently fell in love with a mid-sixties 5" Ludwig Supersensitive at a practice space I use. So naturally I went searching for a deal on one, and found one which had been modded with tube lugs and had some refinishing done. Looked nice, didn't carry a vintage price tag, those...
  17. scaramanga

    Shining drum kit
  18. scaramanga

    13" Istanbul Mehmet Tamdeger Empire Hi Hats *reduced*

    For sale a set of 13" Istanbul Mehmet Tamdeger Empire hats, which are no longer being made. I have recently been schooled that these are not "pre-split" but I'm no expert. I'm at least the third owner of this set. Logos on the top of each cymbal are black; white on the bottom. Say...
  19. scaramanga

    Zildjian 22" High Definition ride (v2) *reduced*

    This is a 22" High Definition ride hand picked for me by the great Aaron Jackson at the Zildjian factory in Norwell Mass. I had the first version of this line but found it too manholey, so I asked Aaron to find me the lightest, liveliest one he had. My kitchen scale feels it as 2539g. It...
  20. scaramanga

    Big cymbal bags

    I just noticed that Tony at carries Humes and Berg bags made for 26"and 28" (and 24",yawn) cymbals. And they're inexpensive!