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  1. High on Stress

    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    ... does not appeal to me. I don't know if we've discussed this before or if I am the only one who has this particular quirk, but I don't like two toms on the bass drum. Like many of us, that's the way I started out on my first 5 piece kit, but I just don't dig the look or playing that...
  2. High on Stress

    High on Stress "Work Release" Live from 4 rooms in 2 states

    Here's a quarantine video my band just did. Playing here a classic combination of some big Ludwig 6 plys, with a LM402 and Paiste 2002s. My first time recording myself at home with my new Zoom R16 8 track recorder, using a Recorderman-type 4 mic setup. Hope you guys dig it!
  3. High on Stress

    This wins the internet today

  4. High on Stress

    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    For me it’s DW. And not in a good way. Have a kit in trad sizes that I love but over many years, I have had almost all of their hardware stuff break or fail. I’m as surprised as anyone else but it’s true: pedals, spurs, tom holders, brackets, tension rods, you name it. Problems with all of...
  5. High on Stress

    Pet peeve "The audience can't tell the difference"

    Look, I know we can all go down the rabbit hole on various topics around here but this type of response to a discussion always bugs me. Why is what the audience (or your bandmate or the sound guy or anyone else) able to notice the litmus test for whether something is worth considering? I get...
  6. High on Stress

    How have you been celebrating today's special day?
  7. High on Stress

    Drums who wear sunglasses

    Here's a drum wearing sunglasses. I know some of you don't trust instruments wearing sunglasses ...
  8. High on Stress

    High on Stress Tour Dates

    The High on Stress “Blonde Ambition” tour starts tonight in Eau Claire! High on Stress Upcoming Shenanigans Tonight!!! - Mousetrap Tavern - Eau Claire, WI w/the Jaggernauts - 8:30 PM June 28th - Tarlton Theatre - Green Bay, WI w/Memphis Star & One Night Standards June 29th - Silvies -...
  9. High on Stress

    High on Stress and INDe Drums at First Avenue

    Played this black INDe 13/16/18/24 kit at a sold out First Avenue show last night. FOH guys were digging the sound, especially the bass drum. Lots of fun rocking these for 1500 people!
  10. High on Stress

    High on Stress March 2 St. Joseph MO

    High on Stress live at the Rendezvous in St. Joseph MO. Tonight!
  11. High on Stress

    High on Stress Elbo Room Chicago March 1

    My band High on Stress is playing the Elbo Room in Chicago tonight March 1!
  12. High on Stress

    Green Ludwig cord

    Ordered the orange Ludwig cord and got a package of green Ludwig cord. Is it the same stuff? I don't think I've seen the green variety before ...
  13. High on Stress

    High on Stress in Illinois May 4 and 5

    Playing with my old/new band High on Stress tonight Friday May 4 at Tangled Roots in Ottawa IL and tomorrow Saturday May 5 at Silvies in Chicago. Cmon down and Ill buy you a sarsaparilla!
  14. High on Stress

    Replacement/alternative for Ludwig P32 butt

    I know there are a few options out there for replacing Ludwig throws that fit the hole spacing used by the P85 or P86 throwoffs. What I'm wondering is if there is a throw that happens to come with a replacement butt that also matches the corresponding hole spacing used by the P32 butt. Or if...
  15. High on Stress

    Ludwig score!

    Walked into a local shop on a whim and saw what was marked as a "70s Ludwig Superphonic" for a VERY reasonable price. Almost ran to the cash register. Sorry about the sideways photo.
  16. High on Stress

    Least favorite brass snare drum

    The favorite brass snare thread got me thinking about the drum that's on my practice kit that I want to love but don't: Pork Pie Big Brass aka BOB. It just has a thin sound to me no matter whether it's tuned up high or thudded out or anywhere in-between. The middle of the head sound seems...
  17. High on Stress

    Great interview with Bun E. Carlos

    somebody already posted this, never mind
  18. High on Stress

    Think I just scored a brass Supra

    I think I may have stumbled upon a brass Supra. Saw what I thought was a Ludalloy drum but noticed a pre-serial keystone badge. Drum was much heavier than normal. I bought it when I saw a welded seam. Welded seam means brass, right?
  19. High on Stress

    Best throne for broken tailbone?

    Any suggestions? I know many people here swear by various thrones for "bad backs," but it seems lumbar disc issues are the most frequently cited. I have no lumbar issues, but I do have degenerative disc disease in all my cervical discs (multiple bone spurs, loss of disc height, etc.)...