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  1. thebeebe5

    Today’s dilema. One of them HAS to go.

    Cleaning the drum room. I have an accumulation of cymbals that I just don’t need. Trying to decide which one gets the boot. My two heaviest ride cymbals, and I don’t play anything heavy any more. Problem is, I have always loved the Paragon. Low pitched ping. Tight, minimal wash...
  2. thebeebe5

    When did Ludwig switch from 1.3(?)mm

    To the thicker 2.3mm hoops? I have a Super Sensitive recently acquired and upon disassembly for cleaning note the bottom hoop is very thin compared to the top (which needs replacing...). Would a mix of hoop thickness have been common between top/bottom?
  3. thebeebe5

    One owner Ludwig SS

    Picked this up this afternoon from a. Fellow that said he got it new in ‘72. After talking with @KCDrumDad it has a ‘74 serial number. I have a hard time remembering some things from 45!years ago myself, but he swears he recently tosswd the original receipt.... Either way it’s a cool drum...
  4. thebeebe5

    How old are thes Gretsch Cat Clubs?

    These appeared at a local pawn shop a few weeks ago. I don’t know modern Gretsch at all.... Is there enough info to guestimate year of production? I’m thinking 2002-2005ish...? “8” piece. Hats are a sabian and a zildjian, both heavy and I’m assuming both originally bottom hats. 18” A...
  5. thebeebe5

    Zildjian 16 Medium Crash SOLD

    Too heavy for my tastes. 1153 grams. This one will be loud. This one will project. If that’s what you’re looking for this s one you want. Another bedroom cymbal. Excellent condition for an early 80s cymbal. No cracks, chips or keyholes. There is one spot about 1/4” on the edge where I...
  6. thebeebe5

    New Beats SOLD

    Just the proverbial New Beats. No sound file. IMO they all sound really quite the same, and I mean that in a good way. Perfrct “chick” closing sound. Nice raspy partial open sound. These look like they were bedroom cymbals. Sat on the stand for years with some playing time since the...
  7. thebeebe5

    KB Supraphonic/Acrophonic? finally finished IMAGES ADDED

    This one started life as a KB Supra, and at one point in its life it had sunk all the way down to being a stripped shell covered in black amplifier tolex which had been adhered with contact cement. At least that is how I found it probably 6 years ago.... It was sad indeed. The tolex had...
  8. thebeebe5

    Got some organization managed this weekend....

    Have always wanted the drums out and organized nicely. I’ll probably fiddle with the arrangement a bit more as I still have some to shelve, but this was big progress.
  9. thebeebe5

    Standing in my go-to pawn shop lately. Is this a 50s or 60s stamp?

    Have watched this come down from $220.... I’m thinking I might offer $50.... I’m leaning towards 60s stamp, but admittedly not an expert. What say you all?
  10. thebeebe5

    Finally a Ludwig owner...

    Stopped at one of my usual pawn shop haunts Friday on the way home from work and found these out on the floor. Asking price was high. Managed to get it down considerably. Paid more than I wanted to but less than I think they’re worth. Thanks to @KCDrumDad for answering his phone...
  11. thebeebe5

    Untrademarked Zildjian??

    looking at this 20” at a pawn store. It’s clearly a B20. Looks like any Zildjian from the 60s i’ve ever owned I’d say. Cannot find any struck trademarke. Anywhere. Looked for extremely light stamp everywhere. Looked on the back for a witness mark, but if it was struck very lightly there...
  12. thebeebe5

    How often are SNs missing from Blue Olive Ludwig badges?

    I’m certain i’ve read this in discussion before, but how frequently are serial numbers omitted, and is there a date range when it is most prevalent? I came up on this 6.5” B/O super sensitive in a pawn store and the badge is blank. They’re asking quite a bit for the drum and it has a JB Weld...
  13. thebeebe5

    Pre war(?) Leedy ID help please.

    Certain this has come up prior, but I’m struggling to find info. Can anyone give me a positive ID on this old wooden Leedy? These images are all the information I have available.... Seems there’s a carry case and various odds and ends of percussion accessories as well. Wondering if...
  14. thebeebe5

    pearl mirror chrome 5.5 snare

    ridiculously clean. new evans g-1 batter, new remo dip reso. original snares. throw-off repaired with a steel rivet (rather than pearl's aluminum one) and should last forever now. SOLD
  15. thebeebe5

    Any Connecticut DFOers

    Going to the Deep River Fife and Drum muster Saturday? We manage to make it every few years. Came back from Arizona this week to go again. Should this be a "vintage" topic...? :-D
  16. thebeebe5

    Ludwig "Spur Lok" hi hat stand SOLD

    Folks, I'm open to correction, but I think this is a 70s stand. Pretty good condition but a little surface rust on the back leg and in need of a good cleaning. Not sure if clutch is original (again, open to correction) but what's here is fully functional. Thinking $50 + shipping.... If...
  17. thebeebe5

    Ludwig hoop mount spur (and vintage key) info request

    Got these cool vintage spurs with several other neat vintage pieces. Can anyone tell me approximately when these may have been made? They're about 4" long and appear to have once been nickel plated.... Sadly they are quite rusty, but they are fully functional. Also, any idea of value if...
  18. thebeebe5


    Thought I'd offer these up prior to ebay listings. Prices are in the neighborhood of ebay sold listings for comparable items. Absolutely have to sell some bronze.... No trades, cash only. All serious offers considered!! Don't have sound files or any way to record any. If you buy some and...
  19. thebeebe5

    Shure mic kit and an Oktava 319 condenser mic SOLD

    Full set. 3 SM 57s and the Shure Beta 52 for your recording and listening pleasure. $250 + shipping Oktava 319. In case. REQUIRES phantom power!! $150 + shipping All microphones are sold.
  20. thebeebe5

    Interesting bass drum conversion

    Visited the Folk Music Festival in Prescott AZ yesterday and saw this interesting bass fiddle conversion. People will think of anything. Thought it was pretty nifty, but never did get to hear it.