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  1. pgm554

    Name your favorite odd meter songs

    List em if you've got em.
  2. pgm554

    Yamaha die cast hoop$$$$

    Was at the local drum shop the other day and we got to talking about die cast rims and the outrageous prices these days. The dealer cost on a 14 inch 10 hole top and bottom set was $260 bucks. I've got two snares with aluminum Yammie die cast that I paid like $200 bucks for a few years ago and...
  3. pgm554

    New Rogers brass Dynasonic?

    Saw this today
  4. pgm554

    Emeryville Guitar Center looting part 2

    Stopped in to day as it had been over a month since the riots and looting. The store is still closed and it was pretty trashed. The big steel pull down gates were ripped apart and the walls had large holes next to them. This was not just a spur of the minute thing. Pretty much planned. We're...
  5. pgm554

    Drop down snate gates

    Anybody know where I can buy these separately?
  6. pgm554

    Sabian web site defaced
  7. pgm554

    Cymbal Price Inflation

    Just happened upon an old receipt for a Sabian 17" HH med thin crash. I paid $207 bucks back in 2013,now they same cymbal is $344. So in 7 years price went up $137. About 40%. Just saw a snare that a month ago on Ebay that was $159 new ,now selling for $199. How many folks you know have gotten a...
  8. pgm554

    Istanbul k zildjian WTF?

    Local Craigslist ad asking $450 bucks for a cracked and key holed set of hi hat cymbals. Don't know much about the cymbals,but why would a seriously damaged set of cymbals be worth $450 bucks?
  9. pgm554

    WTB Pearl MCX 16x 20 BD in black mist

    I would consider BCX or 14 x20 too.
  10. pgm554

    cross script attack

    What's up with the XSS attacks (again)? Unless I have a script blocker in place ,this site runs a java script attack. This has been going on for a very long time. A very good reason I don't visit this site anymore. Also one of folks on another site says you are having captcha issues to join...